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Ridgeback Dragons
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Published: September 3, 2012
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The easy-going Ridgeback dragon is covered long spines. These dragons live in small family groups that they will spend the rest of their lives with. Ridgeback dragons rarely venture out into the world. On the rare occasions when they encounter a stranger, they will try their best to be friendly, inviting individual to stop and fish. The freshness of the fish may be a question worth asking.

Ridgeback dragons are excellent fishers and eat seafood type food items. They're not adverse to fish that's been sitting around the lair for a day or ten: The aging just adds a little bit of extra kick!

Physical Attributes:
The ridgeback dragon is a very large, tall dragon. They have spikes running down the length of their body and limbs, and males have a large forward-facing horn that continues to grow their entire life.


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Comments (125)
inside-our-mind's avatar
inside-our-mind|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I would love to see an alternate hatchling for coatls :o
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Vap0rwaveRav33's avatar
Vap0rwaveRav33|Hobbyist Digital Artist
These are the funniest dragon lol XD
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EsmeMarion's avatar
Huh, kinda interesting that there's two babbos there. Was FR originally going to have the hatchlings have different art depending on the genders?
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ImDeathseerNightWing's avatar
ImDeathseerNightWing|Hobbyist General Artist
Gee Undel I love the other Ridgeback baby art
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dinkaray's avatar
dinkaray|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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MegaMasterKing's avatar
I was pretty sure that I had previously bought a book filled with this person's art and the fact that they drew these guys and these same dragons (image and everything) are in the book I'm most defiantly sure I bought a book of their art work.
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FriskyDaFox335's avatar
What about a Norwegian ridgeback?
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raisinrob's avatar
raisinrob|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Honestly with the images with two gendered babies, it seems like the unused drawing is by someone less skilled. Something about the shapes of them don't seem quite right, like a different person drew them in after the fact.
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IgnoredGal's avatar
IgnoredGal|Student Digital Artist
I wish the hatchlings could've stayed separate for design-the male is too cute!
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Gabbitrabbit's avatar
Gabbitrabbit|Hobbyist General Artist
I love that both genders got their own image as babies too! Aww!
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Arvemis's avatar
Arvemis|Student General Artist
We must have the unused hatchling art! We must!
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FimbuIvinter's avatar
FimbuIvinter|Hobbyist General Artist
Wait, why are there two different babies?
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monkfishlover's avatar
monkfishlover|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This and the Coatl are my fave breeds! :la:
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Shinopa's avatar
Shinopa|Hobbyist General Artist
haha Another word for these should be goblin dragons. :3 Like the goblin shark?
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whiteclaw001's avatar
whiteclaw001|Hobbyist General Artist
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Fire-Link's avatar
Awesome. How's things going?
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Rui-Shi's avatar
Rui-Shi|Professional Digital Artist
Slowly breeding my way to get my Lagi lookalike :>
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DragonGirl1314's avatar
DragonGirl1314|Hobbyist General Artist
There cool
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SourMilkshakes's avatar
SourMilkshakes|Hobbyist General Artist
I wish they'd use the alternate baby image for the females!  It looks shy yet vicious.
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Ghost-Messorem's avatar
Ghost-Messorem|Student General Artist
I love these guys <33 * goes to save some treasure to go get one *
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littleMURE's avatar
littleMURE| General Artist
Gosh I love these guys, probably my favourite breed, gonna have to save for that change scroll ;-;
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CynderSpyro-maniac's avatar
so is this the male and the female or something?
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Pure-Decay's avatar
Favourite breed, right here :3c
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neondragon's avatar
In beta they were our least popular breed. I was sad. I like the goblin nosies. ;_;
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