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I have restocked the etsy shop and nearly everything in it is on sale! If you were ever looking at my crafts, now is a great time to pick them up. My etsy shop is on sale because I do not plan on attending any conventions this year as a vendor, nor keeping the etsy shop up for the long-term. Everything that’s up there is it for on-hand stock! I do have quite a few candle and lip balm materials left over, so I may use those supplies up and make a few more items, but beyond that I can’t guarantee any of these items coming back in the near future. I am not going to be placing any reorders for materials that I run out of, as using th
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A project that I've been a part of for several years now is nearing its launch! We're now running a kickstarter to get Flight Rising off the ground by raising the funds to purchase a dedicated server capable of supporting hundreds of concurrent online users for its first year online. ------------------------------------------------ Information from our Kickstarter Page: Flight Rising's Kickstarter is now live! If successful, we'll have the funds for our own dedicated server, and will be opening in a couple of months. We have project details, updates, and some great rewards lined up for our backers. Flight Rising is a browser-based game wh
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On the horizon is an exciting world of dragons, creatures, and exploration. Currently in development, Flight Rising is a web-based activity site featuring dragon breeding, warfare, adventuring, and collecting. Make friends, play games, and grow your clan! The first five video previews for the Flight Rising website are up. They cover elemental selection, creating your first dragon, genes, and patterns, apparel, and the first half of our battle system. 10.5.12 - Coliseum Part 2: Abilitystones 9.28.12 - Coliseum Part 1 9.21.12 - Apparel 9.14.12 - Blueprints, Genes, & Patterns 9.7.12 - Element Selection + First Dragon
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I just want to thank you for your book "DRAGONART; EVOLUTION; How to Draw Everything Dragon". This book is awesome and so is the info in it, I also love your style and great explanations. Thank you for being you and loving Art.Dancing dragon XD


Oh hewo :3 I love FR and I love noodlepappy :3 Thaks for making it possible! :33333

I had no idea the person who made the impact books for drawing dragons was also the person who made flight rising! Your books were so inspirational to me as a kid and not to mention how your affinity with drawing and designing dragons astounds me! I cannot applaud your work enough! I look forward to seeing what else you’ll bring to your website, and also what to expect next from you artwise. (also your birthday is the day after mine! How convenient!)

I love how everyone keeps blindly praising someone who has clearly abandoned all their followers. No announcement, nothing. Your words of praise are met with Silence.

So how about something that isn't praise:

You had a HUGE following Peffer, why'd you throw it all away and seemingly abandon all your social networks and even let your home site die and go offline to work on Flight Rising? Didn't they at-least deserved to know that you wished to move on and what you do now through an official announcement?

Like come on, look at the MASSIVE wall of birthday blessings you get on here, do you know how many people would love to have THAT many people wish them well? It's insulting that you treat us like we don't exist anymore, why aren't you returning your gratitude to those who you've won over so many years ago.

You don't remember me likely, but we talked once, a long time ago. I'm disappointed in you Peffer. I don't expect you to read this message, but I hope I can pass it on to anyone else who still visits your page.