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Goe Goe 14 Hajime and Compact by geruru Goe Goe 14 Hajime and Compact :icongeruru:geruru 5 3 Goe Goe 7 Impact sketches by geruru Goe Goe 7 Impact sketches :icongeruru:geruru 46 10 Goe-Goe 1 A page of Goemon by geruru Goe-Goe 1 A page of Goemon :icongeruru:geruru 56 10
'PWK': Ch. 1
“Heh, look at the little baby with the fat head!”
“I don’t know where you came from, but around here it’s not such a good idea for stupid fathead babies to wander the streets alone.”
“Aw, look at that, the wittle baby’s starting to cry.  What’s wrong, can’t you handle a little teasing?”
“H-Hey, quit it!  Ow!”
At the behest of her father, the eight-year-old girl had ventured out onto the streets of Oedo Town alone in an attempt to find some friends in her new home.  Her joyful optimism was quickly replaced with unbearable horror as she found not young, happy playmates, but three of the meanest teenagers this town had to offer.
The young girl shrieked and cried as the bullies poked and pushed her.  One of them shouted “Ha, listen to the baby squeal!”, which earned him a chorus of roaring laughter from his friends.
The three hooligans continued pushing their helpless victim a
:iconbeatlesfan931:beatlesfan931 2 5
Seppukumaru Birthday Fic
“Eek!  We’re losing again!”
“No, this can’t be!”  Seppukumaru nearly fell on his butt as he jumped backwards to avoid an incoming coin shot from Goemon’s hand like a large, oval-shaped bullet.  “Argh!  Quick, grab the fat one and let’s get out of here!”
Hatarino and Itakaro pushed Ebisumaru from behind, and the pudgy Ninja of Justice squealed as he stumbled forward into the tall, muscular Seppukumaru’s arms.  The obsessive sportsman wrapped an arm around Ebisumaru’s shoulders and put a knife to his throat.  “Take one more step and the pig gets slaughtered!” he shouted.
Goemon winced and cursed under his breath as Ebisumaru shrieked frantically.  No more than three seconds passed before Goemon lunged towards Seppukumaru and Ebisumaru, but fortunately Yae was there to quickly pull him back.  “Don’t be stupid, Goemon!” she sco
:iconbeatlesfan931:beatlesfan931 3 8
23: Cat
“25 Keikoku Road...25 Keikoku Road...”
Yae took one more look at the back of the photograph to make sure she really was mumbling the correct address.  Sure enough, her sister’s words confirmed her thought, and she went back to walking slowly down the street and looking at the white numbers painted next to the curtained doors.
“Hmm, let’s see...21...23...Ah, here we go, 25.”  Her heart racing, she entered the building labeled as such, the smallest by far that she had seen on this street, and the closest to dilapidation.
“Welcome!  Can we interest you in a dog?  A cat?  A monkey?”
After blinking from the shock of this sudden greeting from a short, scrawny man with glasses and spiked hair, as well as the fact that this shelter apparently had monkeys, Yae shook her head.  “Actually, there’s a specific pet I’m here to pick up.  This one right here.” 
:iconbeatlesfan931:beatlesfan931 1 6
GanGoe Storytime
  by Gina GurafikkuD/UnitBreaker
(cue cliched children's show theme music)
Hello children, hello.
Here is this morning's story...are you ready?
Then we'll begin.
One day, Goemon the Mystical Ninja went to visit the lovely Omitsu, in her Cherry Blossom cottage.
He found her in the bedroom; gently he grabbed her petite shoulders, pulling her onto the bed and pulling off her--?!!?
(Flips pages, completely shell-shocked) Sorry about that.
The mighty Goe Impact was a massive and adventerous sort of fellow.
He loved to fight for peace and justice, and he loved to hang out with Virtuaroids down by the "Artificial Lake", where he engaged in...orgies?!!?
(Flips to the next page, revealing some rather graphic imagery)
(Gets poked in shoulder with a stick) Sorry again. Heheh.
The robo-ninja Sasuke ran a specialty trinket shop, near the edge of the dragon lake, by the chicken-shaped Pao Pao bush, in the shade of the giant Chrysmum down in "Kuro-ushii"
:iconunitbreaker9:UnitBreaker9 3 7
GoeOmiYae story 1
Yae walked the lonely streets of Edo Town, her nervous, twitchy fingers intertwined behind her back.  No matter how urgent the mental orders she tried to send to calm them down were, they would still continue to writhe about, a mere ten features of her shaking body that were currently rebelling against her mind.  She decided to transfer them to her front, where they were commanded to smooth out her purple ninja uniform.  This they did uneasily, as if scared, as if terrified of the breasts and stomach they patted and rubbed through her clothing.
Though usually calm and confident, tonight was a night that vied for the top spot in Yae’s personal list of most anxious moments.  She hadn’t felt this nervous since first trying out for a position as an agent in the SSN, the secret organization made up of ninjas that aimed to keep the peace in Japan (a job Yae considered herself fortunate enough to call her own), or perhaps even earlier, when sh
:iconbeatlesfan931:beatlesfan931 2 4
GoeOmiYae story 2
Day broke.  After a long night of sighs and restlessness, Yae decided the best course of action was to visit a fortune teller.  Maybe it wasn’t meant to be, after all.  Maybe her destiny was not what she thought it was.
Yae pushed the curtain at the entrance of the Plasma Fortune Teller’s abode aside and stepped inside.  It was empty, silent, and completely dark.  “...Hello?” she called out.
Without warning of any kind, the room was filled with an earsplitting “PLASMAAAAA!”  Yae winced as the lights went up and eerie music began playing.  No matter how many times she had visited this particular brand of fortune teller, she had never quite gotten used to this greeting.  “For a mere 15 ryo, I will gaze into your future and guide you on the right path,” the voice, which belonged to a plump man in a purple mask, continued in a more reasonable tone.  “What s
:iconbeatlesfan931:beatlesfan931 2 8
58: Kick in the Head
One day, in a large, quiet valley...tragedy of a most comical nature struck.
“Hiiiiii-yah!”  With a battle cry that could have confused as easily as it could have frightened, Ebisumaru flew at Goemon, who turned just in time to see the portly Ninja of Justice approach but not quickly enough to react properly.  There was a cracking sound as Ebisumaru’s foot collided with Goemon’s head, and they both ended up on the ground shortly afterwards.
“Hey, he’s waking up!”
“Oh, finally!”  Goemon slowly sat up and opened his eyes just wide enough to see a woman with long green hair and eyes to match smack a chubby fellow in blue on the back of the head.  He squealed in pain as a result.  “Nice job, Ebisumaru!  What did you think you were doing?!”
“I told you, Yae, I thought we were still going.  You should’ve spoken up when you told us to st
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