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Whalebone charms

By NeonCowboy
My three whalebone charms for my Corvo costume. Made with ABS, wood, epoxy and copious amounts of paint.
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This is incredible cool!!!!!
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 those are awesome, but what does the writing on the top say?  i'm trying to make some of my own, but i can't find any clear depictions of the writing other than this.  thanks!
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Your whalebone Charms are incredibly well done, if you ever decide to sell some let me know.
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Thaaaat's some amazing quality, very neat!
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You wouldn't be by any chance selling any would you?
I don't have much experience with epoxy. I was wondering if you made a mold for the charms or sculpted them like clay?
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I actually have a few cellphone pictures of them in construction. I don't like sculpting directly from a main material, so I built the charms individually by using different PVC couplers, some ABS sheeting and some wood dowels for the bones. The rest is epoxy putty and paint :P

Here is an album of progress pictures for the mask, sword and charms. Sorry if there aren't that many!
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