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You know how you're sure you did a good job ? When your cosplay is used as character visual reference. Can I use the image of your cosplay of Corvo to describe a character on an RPG forum ?
Hi,sorry, I know I'm probably like the thousandth person to say, you have the best corvo cosplay I've ever seen and I love it. I want to make my own for the upcoming fanfest this December, in Phoenix, but I'm worried about the chest area, could you please explain how you made the leather part? And is the vest another custom pattern?
Hi, I was looking around at Corvo cosplays when I came across yours and absolutely fell in love.  I'm trying to make my own for a convention but as it is my first time I'm running into a bit of trouble, mainly the mask and certain elements of the coat.  I was wondering if you could possibly give me a brief description as to the steps you took to create the mask and possibly a picture inside of it?  I'm interested to see how the vision is out of it etc.  And as for the coat I was wondering if I might get a glimpse of the sides and back?  I know you probably have a lot to do but I'm very curious and hoping to make a cool Corvo cosplay myself rather than buying it.  

Cheers Matt 
Excellent works. I take my hat. :clap:
Hey, just found your awesome costume of corvo.
Might I ask which pattern you used for the coat?
I want to make a female version of his costume and I would love to have a bit insight :)
Also your mask looks awesome. Did you do it with wonderflex? Cobracast?
I used Simplicity's #2333 pattern, heavily modified (the collar was a nightmare...). The front part of the coat (with the double rows of buttons) is actually a separate vest, as I started work on this costume before the game was out and concept art was lacking. The costume is quite form-fitting as it is (I don't think the coat in a maritime environment like dishonored's would be too fitting, but then again it's a video game not a historical reference), so I am actually quite intrigued to see what a female version of the costume would look like.

The mask is a painfull story of pepakura, ABS plastic sheeting, epoxy putty and green stuff. No casting, all sculpture. my reference was the 3d model that was available on dishonored's website. There are many problems with that mask, namely that a human face cannot fit in it (hence the larger jaw in my version, so I wouldn't have to hang it 6 inches away from my eyes).
first off, thanks for answering!
I have the idea in mind since the first concepts came out aswell, I just loved the mood and style of the outfit.
I think you did a great job, I will probably use a heavy fabric for the coat, something like pure new wool.  But that is pretty much the only thing I would change. But I do like your color scheme for the coat..I am still caught between a dark marine blue and a ragged greyish blue one..decisions..decisions..

I was fearing it was a pain to make the mask haha, but on the pictures the jaw problem doesn't even show that much. Just makes you look evil, like your chin is down and you're slowly looking up.
Well then, off to the sketching board I go!

Thanks a bunch!