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Shell Brushes 1

Please fave if you download!

Another brush set I made a while ago. 10 different shells... or different views of shells. : D
There is also a crab shell thing that I think is pretty cool. I took photos of random ones we have collected, they lay around the house.

These are also compatible with newer versions of GIMP.

Please credit me if you use and send a link of what you have made. Ask me if you would like to make a print out of what you use.

My rules are simple, please follow them! ♥
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thank you for brushes, may use them for my beach wedding invites
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Thank you so much for these brushes, Neon06! I used one for the finishing touch on my image in my blog post today. It was just what I was looking for!

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Oh, how great! It looks really nice there.
Thanks for using it and crediting. :)
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I'm working on finishing up on an iPad app upgrade for my app "ShapeEffects". The ClipArt I make from your brushes will show up in the app. My website is : [link] . If you go there now you'll just see the 2.0 version, the 3.0 that I'm working on should be there in a week or 2 or so, depending on when Apple finishes the review after I send in the update.

I will be crediting you in the manual for the app, on the apps supporting website and there will be links in both places too. Also under each ClipArt I create with your brush is "Neon06" to signify which ClipArt was created with your brushes.

So, if you had an iPad, I could give you a free copy if you wanted :)
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Sounds great. : )
Oh, my mom has an iPad and would probably enjoy the app. Just tell me when it is available and how to do that.
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Absolutely! I firmly believe in giving credit where it is due. Thanks again.
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You're welcome!
If possible, I would also like to see the finished product. ♥
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Great Brushes. Can I use them commercially ?

Thanks again
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Thank you very much, and sure, if you could credit me.
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Really nice. :meow: I love collecting seashells and stuff. :D
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Thank you! ♥
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no prob Kelsey koon! XD
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What kind of nick-name is that?
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do I get to add them to the site?
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You can if you want.
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