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:bulletblue:We allow any type of Non Ponies and Ponies.

:bulletred:We do not allow wolves, dogs, or any type of animal in any folder.

:bulletblue:We allow them as if they are pets, just like Rarity and Fluttershy have pets

:bulletblue:Any 80s or 90s My little Pony are allowed.

:bulletblue: We allow any art in, it can be rated G, PG, M and A, but you have to follow the rules in Deviantart before you submit your drawing.

:bulletblue:GrimDark drawings are allowed.

:bulletred:We do not allow Hate Art in anyway. It will be declined and may be reported by others.

:bulletred:Please do not submit deviations made with the pony maker or any other doll maker, unless they are heavily edited and contain a lot of original art (ex: adding a gala dress or accessories). The same goes for pictures used from a base; If you submit a picture from a base, it must be more than just a recolor.

:bulletred:Please submit to the correct gallery folder. Or it will be declined!

:bulletpurple:Be respectful, don't be rude to others, or you will be blocked.

:bulletred:We do not accept Joke Characters or shitty characters of neon ponies. We get it, they're an eyesore and stupid looking. We get it, but we don't care for it. So please, Joke Characters are not allowed.

Gallery Folders

ADOPTION: Nigh Light Reference Sheet: CLOSED by TheNornOnTheGo
Silent Song by Praquina
Boogle and the Ghosties by AnnieMsson
MLPSecretSanta 2012 - For di0medes by hinoraito
Neon Earth Pony
Krist Pony by KristKC
Vivid Virus :D Because i can X3 by xXNeonPonieZXx
.:PC:. Vivid by Furisutairu
Neon Unicorns
NEW OC: Spectral Wish by BlueRainiPony
.:Update Raver Ravid:. Urdrenn Rae by Midnight-Estelle
Molly and the Crystal Caves by squeekaboo
MLP +Minimal LunarRave+ by gothkittykat
Neon Alicorn
Neon Blossom by fireflytwinkletoes
Commission: ColorgasmFreak by Vivifx
Colorgasm Freakk by CloudBrownie
the pegasus device by gory-cupcakes
Neon Pegasus
Unfinished Finished by Praquina
AT Neon Streak by Dolcisprinkles
Commission - Rainbow Power Midnight Light by FuyusFox
Other Neon Species
Zoot Pony by KristKC
Crystal Disco Dino by squeekaboo
Leepky ponification by friendshipocalypse
Groups and Couples OCs
.:Annoying sisters:. by Midnight-Estelle
Hanging out in skype by MartoLuna
Tuss by tt-n
Anthro and Human Neon Ponies
Hug this fuckin' cutie by Lluminus
MLP: How bad can i be? by IchigoBunny
Scootaloo Raver finished by i7Catalyst
Spotlight Shot by Noth-chan
Original FiM Ponies
Neon Rainbow Dash (Gala) by Neonmare-3008
Dj pony / Vinyl scratch beanie plush by Epicrainbowcrafts
Neon Gilda by ZantyARZ
Neon Rainbow Dash by ZantyARZ
Neon Wallpapers
Shining Armor and Cadance Glowing Cutie Marks by alexram1313
Neon Queen Chrysalis Wallpaper by ZantyARZ
Neon Spitfire by ZantyARZ
Neon Rainbow Dash Wallpaper by ZantyARZ




Group Info

This group is all about the neon ponies. Those night ponies who love to rave or they just have neon colors. Some of us glow, some of us are just colorful but if you are neon, whether you are unicorn, alicorn, pegasi or earth pony. This is the place for you.
Founded 8 Years ago
Oct 18, 2011


Group Focus
mlp Neon

226 Members
223 Watchers
21,466 Pageviews
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Hello everyone, how are you all?

This group is a little dead and should be a bit more active! Do you guys have any ideas, any tips? Should we make an awesome contest?

Give me some ideas, how should we make this group amazing and active?

Hope you're all enjoying this group! ♥

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AlphaPonz Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Professional Artist
Flutter Shy Neonby AlphaPonz
Heres a neon pony I recenty made
WoodyRamesses17 Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is there a tutorial of how I can make my own neon ponies from either photoshop or gimp?
Cj-Rav3r Featured By Owner May 2, 2013  Student
Could some one make me a neon pony costom?
VeriSaw Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
some members might be open
for point commissions.
Cj-Rav3r Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013  Student
Music-and-magic Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013
Is the Neon glow (particularity the effect used on the projects in the "wallpaper" folder) specifically a Photoshop effect? I use GIMP, but haven't found the ability to create such... cool.
NeonThePegasus Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I've found my home!~
Lightning-flame Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012  Student Digital Artist
here's my neon pony! [link]
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Midnight-Estelle Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good for you
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