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Round Chinchilla plushie tutorial

Here's a Christmas gift to everyone, my first ever plushie tutorial!!
Use it to make a stylized round chinchilla plushie like this one here: [link]
I don't really mind sharing the pattern for this particular plushie since it's not an overly lifelike one at all, plus it's just a generic animal.

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oh my gOD I love this
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no way :) its too cute
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This looks really cute I might make one with my sisters =)
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Thanks so much for this tutorial and patterns.  Now if I just had a sewing machine, maybe I will try and hand sew one.
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So cute. Good job.
Yes thank you thank you thank you! I've been looking for a tutorial on how to make round stuffies! ^_^
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Is it ok to use this pattern to sew something that I'll sell because it's adorable
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Sure, go ahead!
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Or for a Skirdent! That is what i thought when he(yes, he is male)was yet unnamed.     :iconmarillplz:Bro!
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Thank you for the wonderful tutorial! And for the patterns too!:twist: 
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I used this pattern to make a plushie of my kitty Tessie - thank you! It's a fun pattern to make - and easy! Here's my plushie: [link]

Thank you again!
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oh my god, this is too cute, I'm gonna die ...
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What kind of faux fur did you use?
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Hmm...At the store I bought it from, it's labeled as "cuddle fur", and it was somewhat inexpensive for fur (about $10-12 a yard, I think?). It's a little hard for me to describe it more, but I know it's not ultra silky-soft compared to some other (and more expensive) faux fur. It's still pretty fluffy though.
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Ah ok thank you so much actually its a type of Minky Faux fur =) I just looked it up cause I been wondering for a LONG time and being new to sewing with Minky/Faux fur and sewing I need some help knowing some stuff ^^ thank you again
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So cute! I'll try to make it, maybe for school if my current doll fails. I'm no good at sewing, but at least I try. And again, so cute ^-^
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He's so cute! I can't wait to try making one. :D
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Amazing. Do you think it's impossible to do the sewing by hand completely?
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I think it's possible, but it would definitely require more patience.
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This is adorable! :D
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This is too. Flipping. Adorable.
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