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NORMAL Chinchilla Plushie tutorial Part 2

A tutorial to make a chinchilla plushie like this one here:

Part 1:

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Ok so I decided to make on of these. But half-size since I enjoy torturing myself :meow:

I literally had to handsew the little guy because my machine quit on me, but he turned out ADORABLE and I LOVE HIM!!!!!!! :happybounce: Making him half size was ultimately the Best decision ever!! I now have a teeny, fluffy friend I can put in my pocket and bring ANYWHERE!!!


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OH MY GOD i'm making this!

question: can i make one that looks like my oc?  Cherry the Chinchilla REF (OC) by Pikachueviaseedling  
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oh my god i just about died. she is so cute !!!
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Are you selling these?? I'm not good at sewing, I'd like to buy one as a present :3 
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I could make you one as a commission when I'm open! Keep an eye on my journals.
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Aw, thank you so much! 
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could i use some of this to make a guinea pig stuffed animal?
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 BEAUTIFUL chinchilla EVER!
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This is gorgeous! So cute <3
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I might do this and leave out the tail to make a guinea pig.

I could put it in my guinea pigs hutch and confuse her :P
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Yes, this tutorial can definitely be used to make a guinea pig if you leave out the tail and change the shape of the ears. Go ahead and try it! ^^
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Woah, that's so realistic!! What an interesting tut, thank you! ^.^
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once when my school used to have a 'bring in your pet' day, a chinchilla escaped and hid in some bookshelves.
now we don't have a pet day.
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WollyShop's avatar cute!..thanks for the tutorial <3
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