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I've only thought about this a bit, nothing set in stone.
But I wanted to know how you all thought about a Neon Glow Reboot. Or in other words, a start over. I never really wanted to do this, but I've been finding more reasons to do it. I'm going to list them below. Please do give me your thoughts and feelings.

- Artwork update: The old pages look bad to me. I think it would look more appealing to new readers with an updated look.

- Most of the pages were not exported for print, so bad that I need to go though over 100 pages to resize them, fix them, and even re-draw some lost pages. Ever making a print version for Neon Glow is practically not going to happen where it stands.

- More Flushed out:

---- I don't feel like I explained the Neon Radiation well or what happened with that.

---- The city feels empty, would bring it to life more.

---- People have requested more Miya and Chiyo. I also could portray and flush them out more.

---- The romance is at a good pace, but the Neon plot is going slow, and maybe too slow. People have been asking for bad guys and that's not going to happen for a few more chapters. o_O;;;

If you feel that this is a bad decision or it would annoy you, I can give up on wanted to re-boot and keep going as it is. I understand this means you don't get to see what happens more with the comic till I get caught up again.

If you don't want me to do this. Please say so and I may stop considering it here. Thanks! =3
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GOOD NEWS! Neon Glow has been promoted to featured comic on Ink Blazers! Because of this I am expected to post once a week. So I will be making pages once a week. But I need to work on making the Paywall worth it for not only Ink Blazers but to donators on Patreon. So I will be making bi-weekly updates on here from now on till I can work up an 8 page buffer for the Paywall. Once I can make the 8 page buffer I will go back to one page a week. I want to thank Patreon and Ink Blazers for the financial support. With out them I would actually have to stop making my comic in all and fully focus on making commissions. I hope one day to make more comics and not have to worry about money problems any more. Thank you to all who have supported me on this comic and to all my fans to read this comic! I love you all! <3
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Yep we have a new site! I hope you like it!

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