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just a silly little drawing
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"No, Runner brains don't wash out, Ellie. God knows, I've tried."
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lol! this is adorable!
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Faved, this made me laugh :)
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Ellie, you little scamp! :D
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Very cute scene you made from the Last of us. 
Amonjin's avatar
Oh you! I chuckled.
JonSolo's avatar
God, I love those two characters.
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I'm so proud of you, Ellie! :'D
LizLuvsCupcakes's avatar
She made him head go 'splodie! XD
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Okay, hands up: Who else could hear "Ellie" by Wiggy Bits playing in the background as soon as they saw this?

This is truly priceless.  I don't even like black humor as a rule, but Ellie and Joel are just so delightful here. The one-legged pose, the explaining gesture, the sheepish grin, the relaxed hands on hips... And the great detail you put into the characters and their outfits makes it all the funnier.
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Hahahah Nice!
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*inserts 80's canned laughter*

Ah. Perfect.
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Smash them zombie heads Ellie!
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I <3 Ellie so much! X3
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Oh Ellie. Silly girl x3
LedgendaryGnat's avatar
Ellie! Love her so much!
W3LTERW8's avatar
oh god these two
Mymmelan's avatar
Bwa ha ha awesome!
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