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For ponies with karts!
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Marbles? by NeoMetalSonic360 Marbles? :iconneometalsonic360:NeoMetalSonic360 5 3 Scaeurgus by NeoMetalSonic360 Scaeurgus :iconneometalsonic360:NeoMetalSonic360 4 1 William Birkin Classic (RE2 Remake) by NeoMetalSonic360 William Birkin Classic (RE2 Remake) :iconneometalsonic360:NeoMetalSonic360 10 5 William Birkin Classic (Darkside Chronicles) by NeoMetalSonic360 William Birkin Classic (Darkside Chronicles) :iconneometalsonic360:NeoMetalSonic360 34 3 William Birkin G2 Classic (Darkside Chronicles) by NeoMetalSonic360 William Birkin G2 Classic (Darkside Chronicles) :iconneometalsonic360:NeoMetalSonic360 34 4 PS1 Alex Mercer by NeoMetalSonic360 PS1 Alex Mercer :iconneometalsonic360:NeoMetalSonic360 12 3 William Birkin RE2 Style (RE: Outbreak) by NeoMetalSonic360 William Birkin RE2 Style (RE: Outbreak) :iconneometalsonic360:NeoMetalSonic360 26 3 Blackie (B) by NeoMetalSonic360 Blackie (B) :iconneometalsonic360:NeoMetalSonic360 4 1 Blackie (A) by NeoMetalSonic360 Blackie (A) :iconneometalsonic360:NeoMetalSonic360 9 0 Super Rhine by NeoMetalSonic360 Super Rhine :iconneometalsonic360:NeoMetalSonic360 8 2 Rhine (Alpha Timeline) by NeoMetalSonic360 Rhine (Alpha Timeline) :iconneometalsonic360:NeoMetalSonic360 8 6 Blacklight (Current) by NeoMetalSonic360 Blacklight (Current) :iconneometalsonic360:NeoMetalSonic360 6 1 Blacklight by NeoMetalSonic360 Blacklight :iconneometalsonic360:NeoMetalSonic360 5 1 Rhine (Delta Timeline) by NeoMetalSonic360 Rhine (Delta Timeline) :iconneometalsonic360:NeoMetalSonic360 7 1 Eva-02 by NeoMetalSonic360 Eva-02 :iconneometalsonic360:NeoMetalSonic360 6 12 Eva-01 Custom by NeoMetalSonic360 Eva-01 Custom :iconneometalsonic360:NeoMetalSonic360 9 13
Sloppy garbage I dispense with passion.
...Yes, the above is bullshit actually.


Hypnos 2 by fer2306 Hypnos 2 :iconfer2306:fer2306 1 0 Hypnos Tyrant Resident Evil Survivor.......Body ZB by fer2306 Hypnos Tyrant Resident Evil Survivor.......Body ZB :iconfer2306:fer2306 2 3 wii fit trainer! by nyakka wii fit trainer! :iconnyakka:nyakka 71 1 Showdown! by EmpressTilly Showdown! :iconempresstilly:EmpressTilly 6 2 RE Outbreak - Nyx by DazzyAllen RE Outbreak - Nyx :icondazzyallen:DazzyAllen 30 31 Zechite Weapons 1 by Great-5 Zechite Weapons 1 :icongreat-5:Great-5 173 24 Simple Jacob outfit by Tokami-Fuko Simple Jacob outfit :icontokami-fuko:Tokami-Fuko 121 24 Lydia Frye outfit by Tokami-Fuko Lydia Frye outfit :icontokami-fuko:Tokami-Fuko 91 2 DAI: Hawkes (XNA models)(update) by Sia-G DAI: Hawkes (XNA models)(update) :iconsia-g:Sia-G 82 23 Claire Redfield - RE2:Remake - XPS by xZombieAlix Claire Redfield - RE2:Remake - XPS :iconxzombiealix:xZombieAlix 260 74 Velvet Crowe cosplay by KICKAcosplay Velvet Crowe cosplay :iconkickacosplay:KICKAcosplay 271 11  Don't Forget by Miyuki-fanarts Don't Forget :iconmiyuki-fanarts:Miyuki-fanarts 263 9 Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Mighty Brothers by raidenzein Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Mighty Brothers :iconraidenzein:raidenzein 81 9 Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Hyper Mighty by raidenzein Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Hyper Mighty :iconraidenzein:raidenzein 51 2 Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Zombie Mighty (FANFIC) by raidenzein Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Zombie Mighty (FANFIC) :iconraidenzein:raidenzein 80 40 Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Mighty by raidenzein Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Mighty :iconraidenzein:raidenzein 121 27


by Smushey

OH GOD IT'S SO AWESOME The epicness shown in this picture is orgasmic. It's like I'm watchin' it fly thru space. The technique used in ...


Ah yes, the tribal girl who lost her marbles and gets respawned and relocated at random because Her Powers Are Ass
Also lots of involuntary quantum superposition because Her Powers Are Still Ass after hundreds of years
So well, here's Scaer's new design because why not
William Birkin Classic (RE2 Remake)
I just had to do it. Went ahead and made a retexture of the Resident Evil 2 Remake version of G1 to resemble the original.
Based Oo-FiL-oO ported this big boi fast to XPS
William Birkin Classic (Darkside Chronicles)
G1 and G2 models from Darkside Chronicles, retextured for two reasons: One reason is to get rid of the washed out, dull, dead colors of post-2000's Resident Evil, and two is to make them look closer to their Resident Evil 2 counterparts, as simply turning up the contrast didn't cut it for me here.
I added a few tiny bits of the original RE2 models' textures upscaled (chest thing and eyeball) for the sake of nostalgia. Plus the original eyeball somehow looks better.
I already had done G2, but I tweaked it a bit further (chest and eyeball) so it's a little update bonus to the new G1.
I'll do a classic G3 later. Perhaps I'll even do G4 and G5 some other time.

NOTICE: No clue why deviantart is screwing up lately, but the file will be an ".arpack" for some reason. In truth, it's a .rar file, so just rename the extension.
William Birkin G2 Classic (Darkside Chronicles)
I touched up the colors of G2's model from Darkside Chronicles to make him more like he did in Resident Evil 2. Of course, not entirely, but close enough, color-wise. I think he looks much better this way.
The models for every Resident Evil game since REmake have really pale, dull "dead" colors. While it fits in-game, with the theme and shades and whatnot, the models themselves don't really look well on their own. Often turning up the contrast on the textures solves it, but in this case I had to touch up more than that.
I'll try doing this with G1 and G3 as well.

So here we go, this is for XNALara/XPS. Of course, the textures can be applied to any port of the model as well (assuming you convert them to the proper file format).
Tag! You're weed!
Got taggy by :iconeverythingliker10:

No rules because I know I ain't gonna tag anyone kek

1) Let's see... Fave videogame?
Hooo boi this is a tough one. I can't really pick *one*, so I'll show, in no specific order, my favorites: Doom (1, 2 and 64), Wolfenstein, Quake (1, 2 and 3), Half-Life (and expansions), Duke Nukem 3D, Blood 2 The Chosen, Perfect Dark, GoldenEye, Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, Contra 3 & Hard Crops, Metal Slug 3, Shock Troopers, Zelda Ocarina of Time, Resident Evil 2
That's just my starter kit lmao

2) If you're into Homestuck and do know about the trolls, who's your favorite out of the twelve? (If you're not into HS just say so)
Gamzee and Vriska

3) you into the same weird stuff im into? :< 
no lmao

4) Ace Attorney. Ever played an AA game or heard of one?
Heard of 'em plenty and know some memes but never played any

5) Fave animal?

Shark or crocodile, more leaning towards shark I guess

6) Ever did something in your past that you're embarrassed of nowadays?

A lot of things kek

7) Creepypastas. You into them? (Cause I'm not)

Only if they're well done and engaging and not a mess of cliches and "lost episodes" and "super realistic eyes"

8) Current favorite song?

Do you want me to go on the game ramble again but with songs?
I supposed Megadeth - Looking Down The Cross is currently the top, though it has been for quite a while

Don't you ever just look at a mostly bad fandom (like Undertale) and say "I wanna destroy their computers and/or phones"?
Nah, that's wasting time I could use for things I enjoy instead

10) Any pets?

11 cats and 1 old doggo

11) Native language, if not English?

Español bien argento, papu

12) Any fandoms you're in? (I mean, not as in you interact with a certain fandom, but as in you're into that franchise/videogame/etc.)
The video game list, and add on top of that Terminator, Aliens, Predator and many more movies

No taggy because fug you I am free
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Favourite characters: Susie, Doomguy, Goku, Alex Mercer, Lyra Heartstrings, every Octoling, Brad Fang, William Birkin, Eri Kasamoto.

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