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I’m opening up a small batch of commission slots to help cover some bills and some upfront ECCC expenses! If that’s something that interests you, take a look at that there commissions info and fire me off an idea.

Like it says on the tin, I’ll draw pretty much anything. My own fandoms are Dragon Age, Game of Thrones, Professor Layton, Inception, and House of Cards, but chances are I’m at least passing familiar with your jam.

I can also offer, for the first time, How Baby family portraits! So if you like my How Baby style and want a picture of your own family, send an email or ask. I have pretty much unlimited spots for those, at $20 for up to three people and +$5 for additional folks.
Because these things always happen right before a con, I have a sad story of computer troubles to share today, and it includes the words 'catastrophic hard drive failure'.

The gist is that a freak summer storm completely bricked my hard drive. It's unrecoverable except for some serious NASA-level forensics, which means that I've lost every single Photoshop document I've ever made -- all the large masters of old prints, everything I had in progress for the summer cons -- not to mention years of photos and documents.

(Yes, I had a backup! But in a bizarre streak of bad luck, I had just deleted it to make room for a backup of something else, as it was outdated and I'd intended to make a more current one. And, I didn't do it in time. Murphy's Law.)

Luckily, I store my print-sized finished work on Dropbox, so I still have the ability to print everything I've ever printed before. And I'd posted some WIPs on Twitter of stuff I had been working on, so I will be able to partially recover some things. In fact, the Zuko picture I just posted was low-quality lineart I recovered from Twitter, traced, and re-colored! I'll be able to do the same for a Daenerys picture I almost had finished, after thinking about it stops bringing tears to my eyes.

I've ordered not one, but TWO new Seagate 2T hard drives, which will automatically back up to each other. If one goes down, I'll have a limited amount of time to recover files from the second. This is worth the money, but it wasn't cheap, and it took a chunk out of what we're saving for Baby Meruru's arrival in August.

I'm still on my feet thanks to years of diligent savings, but I would like to take this opportunity to point a big blinking neon light towards my Storenvy Store, where I sell large prints, postcard sets, and button/magnet sets.

I'd also love to see y'all at one of our upcoming conventions:

Anime Evolution: June 28-30, UBC
MiniComi: July 6, UBC
SummerFest: July 20, SFU
Cos & Effect: August 9-11, UBC
Anime Revolution: August 16-18, Vancouver Convention Centre
GeekGirlCon (tentative): October 19-20, Seattle Convention Centre

And please, please, go back up your files and have a stiff drink for me!</p>
Okay! Cons are (mostly) over for the year, and I have a bit of extra stock on my hands! Some folks on Twitter asked about what I still had left, so I thought I'd just throw it all together in one post and have a good ol' fashioned book burning print sale.

Please check it out on either my Livejournal or my Tumblr, whatever platform you're most comfortable with -- or comment to this journal or send a note, either way!
Hi guys! I have a Tumblr now:

That's it! Um, thanks! Follow, or something! I don't know how Tumblr works! :D
Hi everyone! I am having a $5 print sale over at my journal, here:…

The proceeds will help offset my new art/livestreaming rig, and I'll be donating 10% to my local food bank in thanks for your help. <3

Thanks all, and have a great holiday season!
Hi friendlies.

I just uploaded some new lineart that's free for y'all to colour. Looks a little familiar, eh? Check it out in my gallery or click some thumbnails:

Colour Me: Cap and Iron Man by neomeruru Colour Me: Hockey Fight by neomeruru

Mature Content

Colour Me: Invocation by neomeruru

I only ask that you leave a comment letting me know where I can find it, and that you link back to me wherever you post it!

I'm going to try to upload more lineart versions of my art as resources as time goes on. I'm really looking forward to seeing what someone else can do to them!

Happy colouring!

Friends, I am bored.

What should I draw next? Comment and let me know!

Commissions are Open!

Thu May 13, 2010, 10:26 PM

Hi! Thanks for visiting!

To celebrate my recent account revival and brand-spanking new Premium account, I'm going to be opening commissions for a short time!  Hooray!

I do all sorts of digital work, but especially character designs for roleplaying scenarios or MMO characters.  For examples of my work, go ahead and check out my gallery to the left!

How does it work?
1) You contact me with an idea! What kind of artwork do you want (sketch, lineart, coloured)? Simple or complex background? How many characters? Do your characters have a history? Tell me about them!

2) We talk about the complexity of your request and hammer out a price. The total cost is dependent on what you're asking for, but range from $40 for a lineart to $100 for a fully coloured image with complex background.

3) I make a thumbnail or sketch of your request.

4) You like the thumbnail! Here's where you pay me for the commission, either via cheque or Paypal.

5) I get drawing. At major stages in the process, I'll send you a watermarked draft so you can see how things are going and make changes if needed.

6) When it's finished, if payment is all square I'll go ahead and send you final copy.  If there's any outstanding charges, you'll be sent a heavily watermarked version until payment is received.

Commission Samples

Between the idea
And the reality
Between the motion
And the act
Falls the shadow
For Thine is the kingdom
Between the conception
And the creation
Between the emotion
And the response
Falls the shadow
Life is very long
Between the desire
And the spasm
Between the potency
And the existence
And the descent
Falls the Shadow
For thine is the Kingdom
For Thine is
Life is
For thine is the
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.