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[5-24] - Request from bugbyte



"I'll at least aim to have each done within a week." - Neomania

yep that worked

Anyways, one of :iconbugbyte:'s characters, Eldora, resting after a long day of being a brave chio. Sure, her tail hurts, but she's missing her stuffed cat Icy more :C

I actually really enjoyed drawing this, the challenge of figuring out Chio-natomy served to break me out of the mold of "circular head then jaw" that I'd sorta slipped into over the past few drawings. Colouring it was a real treat too and gave me a chance to practice backgrounds properly again :D

Seems I've happened to fall into a trend of drawing heads from a side view, though; I'll make a point to try avoiding that over the next few drawings.

Eldora belongs to ~bugbyte's webcomic, [messenger], and is definitely worth a read!

[messenger] is also part of a group of webcomics at :iconthemonsterhive:; they're all great too!

Meanwhile I own nothing forever except maybe this drawing (how does copyright even)

Sorry this took so long, and as usual critique and comments are greatly appreciated!
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