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Got taged by :icondeyvarah: so let's do it =)

Rules :
(1). Publish the rules.
(2). Each tagged person should put 10 things about them in their journal.
(3). Tag 8 people.
(4). Go to their page and tell them they are tagged!
(5). NO Tagging back

1 - I love animals, I adore dawgies =) Whenever I see a dog I go "Hund!" (German for dog) I think my boyfriend finds it funny :D
2 - Whenever I leave the house for more than 10 minutes, I carry my bag with me because I need my bottle of water with me in case I get thirsty ;P
3 - Ever since we have the new table in our living room, I stub my knee on it's corners at least once a day
4 - I'm terrible when it comes to replying to e-mails or SMS. Getting a reply from me is almost a miracle O.O VERY bad habbit!
5 - My boyfriend keeps annyoing me by scattering his socks everywhere in our little flat, I keep annying him by leaving my used tea bag inside the cup :P
6 - When it comes to drawings I used to be a perfectionist - I often didn't draw pictures because I was sure I couldn't make them good enough. A pitty. I'm in the process of changing that atm.
7 - I love my close ones but I do not show it enough, therefore I unfortunately often give them the feeling that I don't care about them. This is in the process of being changed also.
8 - I'm a really fearful person. I'm afraid of almost everything. I'm really really scared of going by plane because it might crash. I'm almost sure the plane will crash when I try to fly a commercial plane for the first time ^^°
9 - I don't favour a specific religion. I think everythinbg is possible - from god and angels to Nessie, aliens and esp.
10- I'd like to be an esper =)

8 people are maaaaaany - let's see
:iconazraelgargoyle: :iconbobszy: :iconepantiras: :iconsongficcer:
:iconvalaheri: :iconwhimsy-floof: :iconcoda-leia: :iconrainfreckles:


I also got tagged by :iconrockygargoyle: a while ago so here you go:

Get your mp3 player or open up your music player. This will work best if you have a lot of music.
Put it on shuffle. The first song goes with the first question, ect.
Have fun, and tags some people

1. A serial killer, the music you kill to is:

"You" - Blind

2. A fashion designer, the music you design to is:

"Break Away" - Blind

3. A bum, your life story in a nutshell music would be:

"Walking On Water" - This Prominence (hehe :) )

4. A mutated animal that no one wants, your theme song when someone finally takes you in would be:

"Triple X" - Blind

5. Dead, your funeral song would be:

"Halt Mich" - Adoro (it means "Hold me". In fact what I would want them to play would be "Brother My Brother" by Blessid Union of Souls. I'd like this message to be remebered.)

6. Getting married, your wedding song would be:

Wire To Wire - Razorlight (my sweet boyfriend would love it ^^)

7. A pirate getting ready to attack a cargo ship, your going-to-battle music would be:

"Pokemon Movie 3 Medley" from the Spell of the Unknown OST (Go, Vaporeon! ;D It's great to have others do your fighting for you XD)

8. A futuristic viking warrior, your going-to-battle music would be:

Not like the other girls - The Rasmus

9. In a fight with your toughest, meanest OC, your face-off music would be:

Symphony For The Next Generation from Ayashi No Ceres (Epic XD)

10. Winning a fight with your toughest, meanest OC, your victory music would be:

Time To Burn - The Rasmus

11. Losing a fight with your toughest, meanest OC, your loss music would be:

Horizont - Adoro (It goes on beyond the horizon)

12. Eating pie, your scrumptious chow down music would be:

The One I Love - The Rasmus

13. Epic-ly tagging your buddy friend guys, your epic music would be:

Here We Are - Breaking Benjamin

I TAG!   

Everyone who'd like to do this. And it definetely is fun =)
  • Listening to: Three Days Grace
  • Reading: Grim
  • Watching: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Drinking: water
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coda-leia Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
ahahah I'm just doing it :P
RainFreckles Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2010
BOBSZY Featured By Owner May 27, 2010
Whimsy-Floof Featured By Owner May 27, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh noes! I gots teh taggage! XD
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