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Hi everyone!

I found this meme on the net and I thought it could be interesting to some of you, so i filled it out.

1. when drawing, what program(s) do you use? why?
- Photoshop and sometimes Sketchbook Pro (for digital sketching). Illustrator for T-shirt designs. After trying some different programs, I know that these work best for me. I'd like to try Sai, too, but it doesn't seem to work on Mac, yet.

2. brush size, what kind (watercolor, pen, ect), and canvas size?
- Canvas size: usually between 1500 px and 3000 px per side, later resized to about 1000 to 1500 px.
- Brush: 3 to 9 hard round brush for sketching and lineart, different soft or hard brushes for coloring

3. when you do start sketching, and after doing the circles and lines ect, what do you start with first? (ex. hair, head, eyes)
- Eyes. They give the picture a soul =)

4. are your sketches detailed and nice-looking, or are they rushed and sloppy so you can begin inking already?
- First they are really messy. Then I do a clean pencil lineart over it and then I do the inking.

5. what do you enjoy doing the most? sketching, lineart, coloring, shading, or backgrounds? (or other?)
- Sketching. That's probably why so many of my pictures remain unfinished ^^

6. do you use keyboard shortcuts, or use any other handy things programs have to make drawing easier? share some?
- cmd + z (I sometimes wish it would work for life, too XD )
- shortcuts for making my brush smaller or bigger
- cmd + s so I won't lose any progress =)
- My Wacom tablet really does make things a lot easier!

7. how often do you look up references and tutorials?
- I do research before I start a huge project or when I draw something that I haven't drawn before. Sometimes I also have reference pictures showing different sides and angles open in Safari to get my drawing right.
- I love tutorials! I look at them quite often to learn new methods of drawing/coloring.

8. go to your gallery and pick out the one you're mostly proud of. how long did that take? did you enjoy drawing it, or did after a while, you become stressed?
- I chose this one despite of the simple background and coloring because the character interaction is the most complex I've done so far. It took about 50 hours (most of the time went into sketching and inking). I did enjoy doing it, but at some points I got kind of stressed as well.

9. find an older picture from, say, about a year ago, that at the time you were really proud of. are you still? have you considered redrawing it?
- I still love how the characters turned out. But I would do the background differently now.

10. whats one thing you wish you could draw, but you just never can get it to turn out the way you planned?
- Anatomy!!!!!!!!

11. when you suddenly get a picture idea, but you aren't able to draw that for a while, do you write the idea down somewhere?
- No. I find something I can draw on and sketch it.

12. do you save photos and artwork by others that you really like?
- Oh yes!! I must have collected thousands of pictures by now.

13. do you plan on taking art more seriously when you get older? (college, ect.) or do you just do it for fun and will probably stop later down the road?
- I'm a graphic designer by now so I can work with my favourite programs every day. I also did some illustrations for my job.
No matter whether it's for my job or in my freetime: I won't ever stop drawing.

I'd really love to see some of you doing this meme as well. I'd be really interested in your answers!
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Enjoy my boring answers!
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