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Hi there!

:iconrockygargoyle: writes in her latest journal:

normaly I don´t wanna write somethin like that but right now I dont know another way.

This week my car got its last MOT (TÜV) and it was hard to get it cause its already 13 years old. But now I have here a bill over 700€ and I´ve just seen that I also have to pay my tuition fee for university... my parents can only give me a lill part of the money but right now I really cant pay the rest of it


You can visit her journal here:…

To earn some extra money, she offers sketch commissions for 5$ This is your chance to get a picture by a really good artist for little money! If you can afford it, please don't let this chance pass you by! Please help her out!

If you can't afford to commission her but want to help, you could also help by spreading the word. The more people know about her situation, the more likely she'll get enough commissions.

Thank you very much for reading!

Take Care
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BOBSZY Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2011
Umm, MOT? What is that, and why is that costing her almost 800 dollars?
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