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Hello everyone! :wave:

This is about graphic design school again.

As I wrote in my last journal, I passed the entrance exams for the graphic design classes at the school "Die Grafische" in Vienna!

I also had taken the entrance exams for the multimedia classes   at the same school and yesterday I was offered a place in this course, too.

So now I can decide what I want to do! I'm really thankfull for that! =)

I want to choose the course which offers better chances to find a good job in the future.

:bulletgreen: In the graphic design classes students learn everything about advertising and how to create good advertising concepts. They learn how to create good designs and everything about pre-press.

:bulletgreen: The multimedia classes are mainly about creating moving pictures (2D and 3D animations) for websites, video games, ...

Which of these two courses offers the best chances to find a good job later? What will be sought-after in the future? Can anyone give me some hints? I'd be really thankfull!

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Hi everyone! :wave:

I made it!!!! I passed the entrance exams for the graphic design classes at the school "Die Grafische" in Vienna!

I'm so excited! :boogie:

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Hi there!

Maybe most of you already know but I just came accross the trailer only today: SLG will release "Gargoyles Clanbuilding Vol. 2" in July.…
I'm really excited. I've waited for this for soooooooooooo long! And according to the trailer the art doesn't look too bad. I'm really looking forward to it! Do you think we will see Katana, Nashville, Fu-Dog and the egg at the end of the comic?


I decided to make a second account on DA because I want to try "more artistic" works in the future, too. This account will be for fanart and funart and the other will be for experiments and - in case I have passed the entrance exams, I don't know yet - for stuff I will be doing at graphic design school. The new account will be HeartOfGrey No art there, yet.

Have a nice day!

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Hi at all! :wave:

As I wrote in my last journal entry, one of my pictures was used and altered by :iconsironae:
As she claimed it her own I reported the deviation to DA and they put the deviation down immediately.

I also wrote a note to her explaining my point:

"OK, for me this is bad for 2 reasons:

1) You traced my artwork (what would be OK if you'd have asked me first ar at least admitted that you traced it with a link in the description) and you claim YOU drew it in your description!
2) You stole MY character, changed it only slightly and use it in YOUR webcomic (again without asking for permission first)!

I had to deal with art thieves before but none of them was that barefaced. I'm really disappointed.
This character is not only a made up gargoyle - it is MY fursona, it is ME! As my fursona looks a little different now, I would have agreed to let you use the design for your character, if you had ASKED ME. But you did not. I'm really pissed right now. Honestly I feel like telling you to remove this character from your webcomic.
... But I'm not that much of an asshole. Please write me a note if you want to keep using this character design. I'm sure we will find a solution.

However, as you claimed my artwork as yours, I had to report this deviation as copyright infrigment. If you use other artist's pictures as base again please ask for permission first and post a link to the original artwork in the description!"

She was VERY VERY cooperative. I'm really happy about that!
Most "art thieves" keep arguing and fighting and flaming the original artist (I do know that she wrote an angry journal about being blamed for art theft but I'm sure this was just out of affect - what I can somehow understand).
She instead honestly apologized for what happened. I'm sure that what she did was not out of bad intentions. She is not a bad person. She is just young and maybe didn't know that what she was doing is considered art theft.

To resolve the matter I asked her to
:bulletgreen: add the information to her webpage that the design is based on my character (so people will know, that this is not my alter ego but a gargoyle who looks like it)
:bulletgreen: add a little text to the pictures she took/traced/redrew from other artists naming the original artist (like "Original artwork by (artist), altered by me" )   and
:bulletgreen: ask the original artists for permission first before using a picture as a base again and give a link to the original artwork in the picture description here on DA

She agreed, added a comment about the original artists to her webcomic page and promised to never do anything like that again. She learned from what happened and will do better in the future! That's a really great outcome!

:iconsironae: Thank you very much for being that understanding and cooperative! I do not hold any grudge against you. Mistakes are alright, if people learn from them in the end. I wish you good luck with your webcomic and with your growth as an artist!

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Hi there! :wave:

Just to let you know: :icongillyperkygoth: notified me today that my art was stolen.

:iconsironae: took my lineart… and posted it as…

She even claims it as her own art:
"Hmm, I got bored one day, so i decided to draw a pic in my room, it looked cool, so I decided to colour it in on my puter, THEN i liked it and created more:

I have now made a webcomic thanks to this pic: "

Also in the comments she didn't tell the truth:

COMMENT: "WOW! I seriously like this character she is a beautiful creature indeed. Love your art work"
ANSWER: "Thanks, for commenting on my artwork, i shall add you to my watch. Thanks a million"

COMMENT: "I love this one~! She's so pretty.  I checked your website by the way--looks like it's coming along nicely! "
ANSWER: "Thanks, and yes, it is still under construction, but its getting there, slowly"

She even stole my character design and used it for her webcomic -.-

Please no flaming her now or stuff like that!! I already wrote a note to her and I also reported the deviation. The reason I wrote this journal is that :icongillyperkygoth: told me that this "artist" often traces other peoples works and claims them as her own. So please take a look at :iconsironae: s gallery and make sure she didn't use one of your pictures as well.

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Hi there! :wave: :hug:

Just to let you all know: My new fursona (…) was an april fool's joke. ;) My alter ego is still the female dark grey gargoyle you all know (I hope I'm not getting boring ^^° ) ;)

Normally I don't take much notice of April 1st - actually I often forget about it completely. But this year I came up with this little hoax with 2 friends of mine and we thought it could be fun to spread a little confusion amongst our SGP forum pals. ~taibugreylion and ~PanHesekielShiroi did an awsome job playing their pranks on SGP! We sure had a lot of fun!! :D

I really hope I did not offend anyone! If I did, please forgive me! I'm really impressed of how much support and understanding you all gave me! This means really much to me, although this was just a hoax. :heart: :heart: :heart:    Thank you very much!

Big hugs from your grey gargirl :hug:

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A few updates

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 16, 2008, 3:41 AM
Hi there! :glomp:

Finally I show up here again. Many things happened while I was gone so here a few updates:

:bulletgreen: My mom married again =D Her new husband is really nice. So was the wedding. :party:
Azrael's and my present to them was a portrait. Unfortunately I only had some bad photographs to draw from but as for the technique I learned a whole lot. I'll post the drawing in my gallery today.

:bulletgreen: My love AzraelGargoyle and me had our 3rd anniversary on November 1st. :heart: :heart: :heart:
My gift to him was a picture. It's not entirely done, though. I'll post a WIP because I still have to figure out how to do the shading. Maybe you can help me out with some ideas?

:bulletgreen: To make managing my DA account a little easier for me I'll have to post some simple rules.:painter:

:pointr: I unfortunately don't have enough time to answer to every comment I get. I'll only answer to comments containing hints, ideas and questions, etc. from now on. I still appreciate every singe of your comments, though! Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to leave comments on my works!

:pointr: Unless I give permission in the description do not use, alter or redraw my works or parts of them in any way without asking for permission. Just write me a note or a comment. (I usually do not bite :D )

requests - never
art trades - maybe
commissions - maybe
("Maybe" means depending on if I have enought time and depending on what you want me to draw. Commission prices also depend on what you want me to draw and which technique you want me to use. Just wirte me a note if you are interested.)

:bulletgreen: I'm preparing for a qualifying examination of an art school so I have to concentrate on doing art for my portfolio. Therefore I may post less fanart from now on. (At least till my portfolio is finished.)

:bulletgreen: They sent BOBSZY to war. I wish him the best! Please come back healthy and soon! :hug:

I guess that's all for now. *is going to upload pictures now*



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New dA Logo?

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 3, 2008, 1:50 AM
Hi there!

Well, most of you may have come across this already:…

So they designed a new logo. Hm... Well, thanks for telling me in so much detail why I should love the new one and not like the old at all.  O.o They put so much effort into being convincing that I took my time and put really much effort into being convinced.
... ... ...
But it just doesn't work.

I don't get their procedure. Seriously, they make a new logo, tell everyone how great it is and then (after all the work is done) let their deviants try to make a better one (what seems to be almost impossible after their explenation)? If they wanted the artists to participate, why was the community not asked in advance? Normally within a community like that one would expect to be asked, whether the logo should be changed or not. And then, if the najority sais yes, there should be a logo contest and then the vote for the best logo. But here it's the other way around. The logo is done!  Why challenging the artists now? Looks pretty much like a fake to me. I would be surprised if they'd really choose another logo. Seems more like this whole thing was made up to create the feeling that the community was included in the re-designing - after all, we got our chance to make our own logo, didn't we?

Besides that I have to say that I prefer the old logo. It represents dA for years now. OK, the new one is planned to the last pixel and follows every rule of design perfectly but with this perfection it kind of lost all feel to it - at least for me. Art is not planned, it doesn't follow rules and it's not seeking for perfection in every line - that's what makes it perfect in it's own unique way. So the old logo wasn't balanced? And? Who said it had to be? It never was a problem for me. In fact it had a feeling of life and dynamic to it. It was interesting. It was deviant. The new one reminds me of a building block more. Something to fit in everywhere. I don't see the community mirrored in that.

Whatever, seems like the old logo is gone anyway. (I feel sorry for the guys who bought dA T-shirts and stuff. They'll have to buy it all again to not be old-fashioned now ^^) I kind of still hope that an artist manages to create a better logo then the staff did and that the community gets to see the results and vote for them at all.

So much for my oppinion. I'd like to know what you think about the new logo and dA's Epic Logo Challenge!



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Being Back

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 15, 2008, 3:51 AM
After a long time of absence I'm finally back.
Azrael already told you that I was not online because of health problems. But 8 weeks is a really long time and so now I will go more into detail for those who are interested. ... It's not easy to tell you all these things because this is really peronal ... but I want my friends here to know.

Some of you already know that I was studying to become a teacher and that I finished university by passing the final university exams called "Erstes Staatsexamen" last December. The exam time was really hard - almost 10 months of learning and preparing were really strengh consuming. But I made it through and I was quite satisfied with the exam results.
After finishing university teachers in training have to go on with the second part of the education - 2 years of working at a school with the help of a teacher. Then there is a second huge exam called "Zweites Staatsexamen". Although during my university studies I got more and more aware of the fact that I don't really want to become a teacher, I still wanted to finish my education and go all the way to the second exam because it is important to have a degree. Finding a job is a whole lot more difficult without it. But the practical work at school only starts with the new school year, so I had to wait from January to September. I found a job as graphic artist to make some money in the meantime.
My work turned out to be really stressful. In addition several financial and personal problems arose. Although I would have needed some relaxation after the first exam, my life became more and more exhausting. And finally in June my body began to respond. My health got worse and I even was not able to get out of the house alone. My cardiovascular system was in bad shape and I got weaker and weaker. I had to struggle with dizziness, sickness and panic attacks. I got really scared and my health problems started to form a depression within me. This depression again influenced my health. It was a downwards spiral that lasted for a long time. I was  overstrained with the situation and I retreated from social life and the internet. Fortunately my boss let me work from home so I could at least keep my job.
In time I began to ask myself what I would do about my practical education at school - there was not a chance of getting through it in my condition and it didn't seem that anything would get better till September. I got even more scared. Would I really have to skip my education??
My beloved Azrael and my caring friend Taibu tried to help me as good as they could. So did some other close friends of mine. They helped me find out, what was wrong with my body (I didn't know by then and no doctor seemed to be able to find anything) and after finding out that the whole thing is a mental problem we tried to find the cause. It got clear that I had to make some significant changes in my life. For example the thought of having to work in a school seemed to trouble me a lot. Working as a teacher in the kind of school I was about to work in is really difficult and I don't seem to have what it takes to get along there. It could make me even more sick. But skipping an education is a really hard decision to make and I had great difficulties with it. My family and me put a whole lot of work, time and money into it. Giving this up seemed to be a really bad step. But trying to get through didn't seem to work either. Looking closely at all pros and contras we finally decided that it was best for me to not go on with the practical education but start over again and learn something different - like graphic design.
I really had a hard time preparing myself to tell my parents about this decision. I was scared that they wouldn't understand and that they would turn away from me. Or that they would just force me to finish. However, I finally told them and although some of the talks were really hard, it's OK with most of my family members now. Fortunately!
Then Azrael and me had to decide what to do next. We talked about moving from Würzburg to Vienna (in Austria) as the job situation and the training opportunities  are better there than in Germany. Again a hard decision to make as for me this means moving far away from my parents and grandparents and some close friends. The distance is especially hard to bear for my grandmother. And there were still the financial and personal troubles which seemed to get worse. It sure was a hard time. However, we decided to move and the rest happened very quickly. Azrael found a job, we found a nice flat and we moved.
I'm living in Vienna for a week now and things are getting a little more quiet. Some problems are solved and my friends in Vienna help make me feel at home here as good as they can. I'm slowly recovering. I'm trying to get well as soon as I can so I can start my graphic design studies or find a job until I can start my studies.

That's pretty much a summary of what happened to me in the last months. I hope you understand. Thank you for reading! (I dodn't know if some of the words I chose really are used for what I want to say with them. I'm sorry if I didn't find the right words and the text may sound funny at times.)

And thank you very much for the nice comments and get-well-messages!

I missed you!

Greetings from Vienna


(Friends can ask for my new address and phone number via note.)


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Journal Entry: Fri Jul 18, 2008, 11:59 AM
Hi there!

This is Azrael writing on behalf of Neomae. Neomae currently is suffering from some health problems that keep her from beeing online. She will be online and updating and replying to her notes as soon as she gets better again. I tried to answer sone notes but for some reason DA tells me that i dont have the permission to access the notes page (yet still i´m logged in as neomae...) - anyway. Thats the latest news.



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Journal Entry: Sat Jun 7, 2008, 2:38 AM
Hi everyone! :wave:

OK, today is the day. I'm finally 25. Normally I don't write journals about that but this time I just have to show you some things (for large view click thumbnails):

I got up in the morning and wen to the bathroom and in the meantime my wonderful boyfriend :iconazraelgargoyle: prepared this

Birthday Breakfast by Neomae

to surprise me. 25 candles on the cake :D We had an awsome breakfast!! =)

His birthday present for me is a Lucario plushie he had imported from Japan. I tried to get my hands on one for a long time and he managed to get one!! They even put advertisments for the 11th Pokemon movie in the package! I'm so happy!

Lucario plush by Neomae

Detail shot:

Lucario detail by Neomae

It is sooo awsome!

And my mom and her boyfriend sent me 100$ (normally we have € in Germany) as first step to make my dream of visiting New York and seeing the Brooklyn Bridge from a close range come true. Because of this Azrael and me decided today that we WILL go to New York one day. I had given up on that dream already because it's so expensive and I'm sooooooooooooo afraid of going by plane. But I guess there are things worth overcoming your fear.

Also I already got  greeting cards, SMS, calls, e-mails and messages from a lot of people. I'm so very very happy!!! Thank you for being with me in thoughts on this day =) I :heart: you!

I wish you all a nice day and a nice weekend!


EDIT: I got a pic, I got a pic!! :dance:

Happy Birthday Neo by Elik-Chan

EDIT2: I got another pic, I got another pic!! :boogie:



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Journal Entry: Tue Apr 1, 2008, 7:47 AM
OK, I get that the icon is a 1st April prank. But can anyone explain to me, what this whole So-I-heard-You-like-Mudkips-thing is about? I found a pic on a different website, too. I just don't get it O.o

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Journal Entry: Sat Mar 29, 2008, 4:10 PM…
Brooklyn ink - free to colour by Neomae

Do I have to say more??

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Journal Entry: Sat Feb 16, 2008, 2:02 AM
Hi @ all!

OMG, I can't believe it. I finally got one: a Nintendo DS!!!!!!! :boogie: I'm soooo excited!!!! I never thought this was going to happen. I'm so happy!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
I'm starting to play Pokemon Diamond now =) Gonna catch myself a Buizel =D
And then I'll go on drawing. CU soon with new works!!!


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Journal Entry: Sat Feb 2, 2008, 1:36 AM

Hey guys!

I'm back with some updates.

As I still was not able to get in contact with :iconwearmanyhats: and therefore still neither could pay for the print nor know where it ended up, I decided to change plans. I would like to submit the image to the Gargoyles Club. However, there is no activity in the club for over 17 weeks now. Does anyone know what's going on there?

//participants only!// As I do not have the Gathering GGPP print, I cannot offer it for sale. But I can offer you a high resolution version of the pic so you can make a huge print of it yourself. After all, this pic is as much yours as it is mine. Just send me a note or e-mail ( for the link. //participants only!//

A second try?

Now here is my question: If I would organize a new GGPP, would you join?
There would be a few changes:

=> 1. Every character from the TV show would be allowed (gargoyles, humans, fey, mutates,...), no fan characters this time
=> 2. The coloring style would be decided via poll
=> 3. I would not do a print for the Gathering again. However, if someone else would like to do it, it would be fine with me.
=> 4. I would not organize it alone. I would need two volunteers to become co-organizers.

What do you think?


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I'm alive =D

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 24, 2008, 8:09 AM
Hi there everyone!!

I'm finally back. And ready to get back to work - some old and some new work. New work means that I get my chance to do the layout for one issue of a magazine and if they like my work, I'll get a job as layouter and will design one issue a month. However, there is much to learn. I don't have too much experience with InDesign, yet, and I don't know anything about layouting and stuff like that. Many books and tutorials to be read. Does anyone know some good tutorials or can anyone give me hints? I'd really appreciate it!!

Well, I'll try to catch up with everything here at DA as good as I can but it sure will take time. I'm sorry!


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Back but Sick

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 6, 2008, 7:56 AM
Neomae is back but unfortunately she is sick and sort of tied to the bed at the moment.
She`ll be back on track as soon as she feels better again!

Azrael (from Neos account)

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Christmas and New Year - BRB

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 21, 2007, 9:17 AM
Hi there! :wave:

And so it is Christmas and Azrael and me are leaving for Austria tonight. I don't know if  I'll have the opportunity to be online until January 2nd.

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Take care! :hug:


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An artist who HAS to be featured

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 24, 2007, 3:53 AM
Hi there! :wave:

So this journal is about a really really wonderfull artist who in my oppinion should get far more attention than she does get at the moment: :iconvalaheri:
I stumbled over her gallery a few months ago (as she among other things does Gargoyles fanart) and I really loved what I saw.

She works in a smooth comic style with a good knowledge of anatomy and perspective and she has really really imaginative poses. Here some samples:

Gargoyles: butterfly effect by valaheri

The only real running bride by valaheri

Voodoo Lady by valaheri

And the best thing: She does commissions! :D

:iconazraelgargoyle: and me already got our first commission from her:

Commission: Azrael and Neomae by valaheri

So did :iconbobszy: :


She really is very talented!!  If you like, please visit her gallery! It's really worth it!

:spotlight-left: :iconvalaheri: :spotlight-right:

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commission prices

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 22, 2007, 1:41 AM
Hi there! :wave:

Oh well, I can't believe I'm doing this ^^ Anyway, here you go:

:star: sketches/ink
(one character, no BG)
:bulletgreen: pencil sketch - 10 Euro
:bulletgreen: inking - 15 Euro
=> + 5 Euro per additional character + 5 Euro for BG

:star: colored
:bulletgreen: basic coloring PS - 20 Euro
:bulletgreen: cel shading PS - 25 Euro
:bulletgreen: more difficult coloring techniques (PS, colored pencils, markers or watercolors) - 30 Euro and up
=> + 10 Euro per additional character + 10 Euro for BG

:star: avatars
:bulletgreen: drawn (headshot only; PS, colored pencils, markers or watercolor) => You get a 300 x 300px inked and fully colored image of your character along with a 100 x 100px and a 50 x 50px version. - 10 Euro

:star: con badges
:bulletgreen: colored in PS, with colored pencils, markers or watercolors - 15 Euro

What I will draw: animals, anthro, fantasy creatures
What I won't draw: humans, machinery
Whether I do or do not take a commission will be decided for each pic individualy.

Commissions not yet open as I'm currently busy.
I'm just curious about what you think!


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