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... and I seem to live in an odd part of the world as nothing much has happened here, yet XD
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Hi everyone!

I found this meme on the net and I thought it could be interesting to some of you, so i filled it out.

1. when drawing, what program(s) do you use? why?
- Photoshop and sometimes Sketchbook Pro (for digital sketching). Illustrator for T-shirt designs. After trying some different programs, I know that these work best for me. I'd like to try Sai, too, but it doesn't seem to work on Mac, yet.

2. brush size, what kind (watercolor, pen, ect), and canvas size?
- Canvas size: usually between 1500 px and 3000 px per side, later resized to about 1000 to 1500 px.
- Brush: 3 to 9 hard round brush for sketching and lineart, different soft or hard brushes for coloring

3. when you do start sketching, and after doing the circles and lines ect, what do you start with first? (ex. hair, head, eyes)
- Eyes. They give the picture a soul =)

4. are your sketches detailed and nice-looking, or are they rushed and sloppy so you can begin inking already?
- First they are really messy. Then I do a clean pencil lineart over it and then I do the inking.

5. what do you enjoy doing the most? sketching, lineart, coloring, shading, or backgrounds? (or other?)
- Sketching. That's probably why so many of my pictures remain unfinished ^^

6. do you use keyboard shortcuts, or use any other handy things programs have to make drawing easier? share some?
- cmd + z (I sometimes wish it would work for life, too XD )
- shortcuts for making my brush smaller or bigger
- cmd + s so I won't lose any progress =)
- My Wacom tablet really does make things a lot easier!

7. how often do you look up references and tutorials?
- I do research before I start a huge project or when I draw something that I haven't drawn before. Sometimes I also have reference pictures showing different sides and angles open in Safari to get my drawing right.
- I love tutorials! I look at them quite often to learn new methods of drawing/coloring.

8. go to your gallery and pick out the one you're mostly proud of. how long did that take? did you enjoy drawing it, or did after a while, you become stressed?
- I chose this one despite of the simple background and coloring because the character interaction is the most complex I've done so far. It took about 50 hours (most of the time went into sketching and inking). I did enjoy doing it, but at some points I got kind of stressed as well.

9. find an older picture from, say, about a year ago, that at the time you were really proud of. are you still? have you considered redrawing it?
- I still love how the characters turned out. But I would do the background differently now.

10. whats one thing you wish you could draw, but you just never can get it to turn out the way you planned?
- Anatomy!!!!!!!!

11. when you suddenly get a picture idea, but you aren't able to draw that for a while, do you write the idea down somewhere?
- No. I find something I can draw on and sketch it.

12. do you save photos and artwork by others that you really like?
- Oh yes!! I must have collected thousands of pictures by now.

13. do you plan on taking art more seriously when you get older? (college, ect.) or do you just do it for fun and will probably stop later down the road?
- I'm a graphic designer by now so I can work with my favourite programs every day. I also did some illustrations for my job.
No matter whether it's for my job or in my freetime: I won't ever stop drawing.

I'd really love to see some of you doing this meme as well. I'd be really interested in your answers!
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Hi everyone!

I know I'm wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy late ... but well (I really need to work on my timing!!!!)  ... I wish everyone a nice year 2012 with lots of luck, good health and fun and without any kinds of world's ends =)

Some stuff is/will be going on for me this year:
- :icondeyvarah: coming back from Japan!!!!! Can't wait to see her again!!!!
- getting married in Scotland (?)
- going to the zoo with :iconrainfreckles: and Oliver Strohhalm often (I hope)
- looking for a new job
- improving my drawing skills (I made 12(!) conbadges within 6 hours at a party at New Years Eve ... and I liked it =D )
- learning to play bass guitar
- attending a dog sledding course
- and probably some other things I don't remember right now (any suggestions?)

And what I'd also like to say: I found out that Randeer/Caribou are awsome and most impressive beings (I never had a thing for deer of any kind before)! They walk hundreds of miles being pregnant and even cross rivers and mountains!! They are amazing! And beautiful!

OK, I guess I better spare you with anymore useless info XD

Have a goot time and take care!

EDIT: My boyfriend just called. The car is broken. No car, no money for repairs ... and I have only 5 weeks left to find myself a new job as there is not enough work for 3 designers at my old job and I'm out of there February 16th. I've been looking for a new job for 6 weeks now and still didn't get any positive replies. This looks like we have some very rough times ahead :(
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Hehe, my art-stealing "fans" took it to the next level: My art has been stolen for the purpose of making money with it!


I feel kind of flattered o.o

Well, that being said, it's time to do something about it...
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Second journal entry in one day ... something has to be wrong with me XD

Anyway, as the title says: I'm looking for a good anime or animated TV show I can enjoy when I want to relax.
I already watched and enjoyed very much:
:bulletgreen: Gargoyles
:bulletgreen: Pokemon season 1 to 5
:bulletgreen: Ranma 1/2
:bulletgreen: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
:bulletgreen: MLP FIM

I also watched and liked
:bulletgreen: Mahou Shojo Madoka Magika
:bulletgreen: Wolf's Rain
:bulletgreen: Fullmetal Alchemist
Though as these are pretty serious shows, they are not as relaxing as the ones mentioned first.

From what I liked so far, is there anything you can recommend me to watch next? I'd be very happy about suggestions!
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So yesterday the new MLP FIM episode finally aired (which was awesome btw) and to my surprise fanarts of the episode popped up all over DA almost instantly. I gotta say I'm impressed. Kudos Bronies!
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Just finished watching the anime series today. I have to say it totally blew me away! Great character design – both appearance and background story, awesome animation and music and a really deep and interesting storyline! Definitely not what I imagined, when I first heard of the show. Best "magical girl" anime I've ever seen!!
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It was a success =)
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Tomorrow is the day: My final exams at graphic design school! I'm excited ... and a little scared actually ^^
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Borrowed from :iconsongficcer:

1)I like when you draw _______________________.
2)I wish you drew more _______________________.
3)I wish you drew more fanart of these series/characters:_________________
4)I wish you did more original art of these characters:_________________
5)I love how you draw ________________________.
6)If you were to do a comic of/about ____________ I would be soooo happy!
7)If I could get you to draw anything I'd get you to draw ___________________.
8)My favorite part of your work is __________________________.

9)I hate when you draw _________________.
10)I wish you drew less ___________________.
11)Stop drawing ________________!

12)When I think of your art I think ______________________.
13)If I had to describe your work I'd say ______________________.
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Do/did you turn off your lights?
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Hi there!

First of all, thank you very much to all of you, who helped out :iconrockygargoyle: !! Everything worked out well for her! We are all so relieved!

Unfortunately now another dear friend of mine slipped into a really bad situation.
You can read more about it in :icondeyvarah: s journal:…
She is a really really talented artist and has a lot of open commission slots at the moment.

Thank you very much for reading!

Have a nice day and take care!

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Hi there!

:iconrockygargoyle: writes in her latest journal:

normaly I don´t wanna write somethin like that but right now I dont know another way.

This week my car got its last MOT (TÜV) and it was hard to get it cause its already 13 years old. But now I have here a bill over 700€ and I´ve just seen that I also have to pay my tuition fee for university... my parents can only give me a lill part of the money but right now I really cant pay the rest of it


You can visit her journal here:…

To earn some extra money, she offers sketch commissions for 5$ This is your chance to get a picture by a really good artist for little money! If you can afford it, please don't let this chance pass you by! Please help her out!

If you can't afford to commission her but want to help, you could also help by spreading the word. The more people know about her situation, the more likely she'll get enough commissions.

Thank you very much for reading!

Take Care
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Hi there!

:bulletgreen: A little something I need to write first :) :
My boyfriend AzraelGargoyle and me were invited by two close friends to spend the day over at their house yesterday. … And it was just soooooo awsome!!! We played Playstation Move, watched the movie "Fanboys" together and had a really nice dinner. And we just couldn't stop laughing. Today my arm really hurts from playing Move for about 6 hours ^^
Thank you very much for this awsome time! Looking forward to more meets like this =) :hug:

:bulletgreen: I really need money and therefore I decided to open some commission slots. I will do:
       :bulletred: Sketches – 1 character, no background  10€
                                              additional character 5€ each
                                              background  5€ to 10€
       :bulletred: Icons       – 50 x 50px icons, not animated  10€
       :bulletred: Badges    – standard conbadges traditional or digital  20 to 25 €
       :bulletred: Tribals     – easy tribal  10€, example:…
                                               more detailed tribal 15 to 20 €,  example:… (you'll get an inked version)
(Adult topics are more expensive)
=> Payment method: Paypal, Within EU banktransfer (I'll start drawing after payment)

If you are interested in commissioning me, please write a note or e-mail me:

Have a nice day!




:bulletgreen: Bengges: coloring (80%)
:bulletgreen: Friend 1: sketching
:bulletgreen: Friend 2: not started
:bulletgreen: Metal Claws: concept
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Got taged by :icondeyvarah: so let's do it =)

Rules :
(1). Publish the rules.
(2). Each tagged person should put 10 things about them in their journal.
(3). Tag 8 people.
(4). Go to their page and tell them they are tagged!
(5). NO Tagging back

1 - I love animals, I adore dawgies =) Whenever I see a dog I go "Hund!" (German for dog) I think my boyfriend finds it funny :D
2 - Whenever I leave the house for more than 10 minutes, I carry my bag with me because I need my bottle of water with me in case I get thirsty ;P
3 - Ever since we have the new table in our living room, I stub my knee on it's corners at least once a day
4 - I'm terrible when it comes to replying to e-mails or SMS. Getting a reply from me is almost a miracle O.O VERY bad habbit!
5 - My boyfriend keeps annyoing me by scattering his socks everywhere in our little flat, I keep annying him by leaving my used tea bag inside the cup :P
6 - When it comes to drawings I used to be a perfectionist - I often didn't draw pictures because I was sure I couldn't make them good enough. A pitty. I'm in the process of changing that atm.
7 - I love my close ones but I do not show it enough, therefore I unfortunately often give them the feeling that I don't care about them. This is in the process of being changed also.
8 - I'm a really fearful person. I'm afraid of almost everything. I'm really really scared of going by plane because it might crash. I'm almost sure the plane will crash when I try to fly a commercial plane for the first time ^^°
9 - I don't favour a specific religion. I think everythinbg is possible - from god and angels to Nessie, aliens and esp.
10- I'd like to be an esper =)

8 people are maaaaaany - let's see
:iconazraelgargoyle: :iconbobszy: :iconepantiras: :iconsongficcer:
:iconvalaheri: :iconwhimsy-floof: :iconcoda-leia: :iconrainfreckles:


I also got tagged by :iconrockygargoyle: a while ago so here you go:

Get your mp3 player or open up your music player. This will work best if you have a lot of music.
Put it on shuffle. The first song goes with the first question, ect.
Have fun, and tags some people

1. A serial killer, the music you kill to is:

"You" - Blind

2. A fashion designer, the music you design to is:

"Break Away" - Blind

3. A bum, your life story in a nutshell music would be:

"Walking On Water" - This Prominence (hehe :) )

4. A mutated animal that no one wants, your theme song when someone finally takes you in would be:

"Triple X" - Blind

5. Dead, your funeral song would be:

"Halt Mich" - Adoro (it means "Hold me". In fact what I would want them to play would be "Brother My Brother" by Blessid Union of Souls. I'd like this message to be remebered.)

6. Getting married, your wedding song would be:

Wire To Wire - Razorlight (my sweet boyfriend would love it ^^)

7. A pirate getting ready to attack a cargo ship, your going-to-battle music would be:

"Pokemon Movie 3 Medley" from the Spell of the Unknown OST (Go, Vaporeon! ;D It's great to have others do your fighting for you XD)

8. A futuristic viking warrior, your going-to-battle music would be:

Not like the other girls - The Rasmus

9. In a fight with your toughest, meanest OC, your face-off music would be:

Symphony For The Next Generation from Ayashi No Ceres (Epic XD)

10. Winning a fight with your toughest, meanest OC, your victory music would be:

Time To Burn - The Rasmus

11. Losing a fight with your toughest, meanest OC, your loss music would be:

Horizont - Adoro (It goes on beyond the horizon)

12. Eating pie, your scrumptious chow down music would be:

The One I Love - The Rasmus

13. Epic-ly tagging your buddy friend guys, your epic music would be:

Here We Are - Breaking Benjamin

I TAG!   

Everyone who'd like to do this. And it definetely is fun =)
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And one of the most barefaced I met so far o.o

This person :icondinos4ever: used my Lugia-Lineart ( his:… , mine:… ), didn't give credit and even pretended to have drawn the piece himself in the comments below "his" picture. When I pointed out that the lineart was actually mine and asked to be given credit, this deviant's only reaction was to hide my comments and obviously block me from his account so I cannot write any comment or note regarding his unauthorized use of my artwork any more.
I reported the incident and hope that the DA staff will take his deviation down. Wish me luck ^^

His deviation was taken down be the DA staff. He re-uploaded the deviation (…) emidiatly and still denies that I'm the original artist.
Here is his new description: "yes i know it is a coloring page so if you dare comment about it i will cuse you out in so many ways that i would make the geto look like super happy land. you got that for all of you in the back of the class."
In a comment on a reply he states: "oh i read them all (*the comments I wrote about this being my lineart*) and went though there art they did not have it and when i found it it was 3 years 2 years ago at some coloring page site i just spent 5 mins looking for that pic i don't know where the site went to i will try to find it but most likely i will not find it."

So he seriously says I DID NOT draw this lineart. This is getting more and more rediculous!

:bulletred: My picture was uploaded in 2005, so no problem proving anything about the time.

:bulletred: :iconarticuno: asked me for permission to put it on her Lugia-webpage… as a coloring page. So he might have gotten it from there. On this page the terms of use are clearly stated:

Below is a bunch of colouring pages for you to practice with. These pages have been created by: &n…<= my DA account*)

Do not redistribute these images without full credit to the original artists listed above. WHEN YOU'VE FINISHED COLOURING THEM AND YOU WANT TO POST THEM ONLINE, SAY WHERE YOU GOT THEM FROM.

Just click the link to the images, copy, save or print them and have fun!

IMPORTANT: These images are in really high resolution so that you can resize them how you wish without quality loss, we all know that if you try to increase the size of an image it will look horrible :>

:bulletred: Even if he might have gotten it from somewhere else, the way he did react to my comment was absolutely  disrespectful and childish. Him having not found this deviation in my gallery is almost a miracle as I put a direkt link in the comments he hid.

He hides every comment and blocks everyone from his account who points out that this lineart is originally by me.
So I have no way to contact him about this matter in any way. Please help and bring this journal to his attention.

I reported his deviation again.
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Hi there!

Most of you probably have already seen "How to train your Dragon". I have, too, and I think Night Furies are totally awsome and cute dragons. I really really wanted to have a Night Fury plush but for some reason there is no "How to train your Dragon" merchandise to be found in Austria. has some plush dragons - all except for the Night Fury.
But fortunatelly there is my awsome boyfriend :iconazraelgargoyle: - He just made a Night Fury plush for me. :love: Have a look at it here:…
It is so absolutely awsome! And huuuge =D :dance: :heart: :heart: :heart: :boogie:
I'm really happy =)
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Hey there guys!

As most of you prabably already know, MGC holds it's last contest this December. Actually this really makes me sad. ... And it made me think.
I know the TV show "Gargoyles" for 11 years now and I'm in touch with the fandom since 2002. And it all has become an important part of my life and me.
Now MGC vanishes.
AMGC is long gone.
2009 was the last Gathering of the Gargoyles.
The DVD-production stopped after Season 2 Vol. 1.
Alhough published as collections neither Clan-Buliding nor Bad Guys did get all issues published as planned - what actually makes me doubt we'll ever see more comics come out.

All this really makes me sad. It almost feels like ..."Gargoyles" is slowly but surely coming to an end and disappears. To me this is a really depressing and somewhat scaring thought. I never ever thought it could be gone one day (I wonder why, but it really never crossed my mind). To me it seemed like all these wonderfull fan-driven projects like the contests, conventions and forums would just go on existing - at least for as long as our generation of fans would exist. Just like it is with Star Wars or Spiderman or such. Now it seems like I was wrong -.-

I guess I just wanted - needed - to talk about these thoughts a little. Or maybe I hoped someone would reply and honestly tell me that "Gargoyles" is still alive and will be for a long time. I don't know.
What are your thoughts and feelings about it? Please share them!
I've been through some major changes in the past year.  You might have noticed that I wasn't around DA often in the last few months and if I was, it was just for a few days and then I vanished again. That's because RL didn't give me much room to breath. Whenever I thought things were getting easier and slower, something new happened and mostly it wasn't good.
However, there's no need to worry - I get along =)

But not only my life changed a lot, I changed as well.

Some of you already know that my fursona is more than a role I like to play on the net. I have a spiritual link to it. To me it's like the astral „face" of my soul. And with myself changing this „face" appears to have changed as well. It was not my decision to be something else – it was rather a look in a mirror and suddenly seeing a new face looking back at me. And it sure wasn't easy at the beginning. I really never thought this would happen. But I'm fine with it now and so it was getting time to tell you about it.

It's not a joke this time. And if I had known that this was going to happen, I wouldn't have done the hamster hoax in the first place.

But although my species may have changed, my love for gargoyles hasn't. So you'll keep seeing new gargoyle art from me for sure.

I really hope you can still accept me the way I am now.

Take care,
your grey lioness Neo
Hello everyone! :wave:

This is about graphic design school again.

As I wrote in my last journal, I passed the entrance exams for the graphic design classes at the school "Die Grafische" in Vienna!

I also had taken the entrance exams for the multimedia classes   at the same school and yesterday I was offered a place in this course, too.

So now I can decide what I want to do! I'm really thankfull for that! =)

I want to choose the course which offers better chances to find a good job in the future.

:bulletgreen: In the graphic design classes students learn everything about advertising and how to create good advertising concepts. They learn how to create good designs and everything about pre-press.

:bulletgreen: The multimedia classes are mainly about creating moving pictures (2D and 3D animations) for websites, video games, ...

Which of these two courses offers the best chances to find a good job later? What will be sought-after in the future? Can anyone give me some hints? I'd be really thankfull!

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