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Lugia ink - free to color
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Published: October 11, 2005
© 2005 - 2019 Neomae
Another lineart I probably will never color. If anyone wants to colour it, please do so. I'd be really happy to see what you do with it :) Just give credit to me in the description and send me a link to your version so I can see it. (Press download for the full sized image.)

Lugia (c) Nintendo, Game Freak

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EDIT: colors done by:
:iconlexgoyle: =>…
:icondusklight-07: =>…
:iconelsdrake: =>…
:iconluane-silverwing: =>…
:iconwii-girl: =>…
:iconbarzula-storm-demon: => barzula-storm-demon.deviantart…
:iconcopperarabian: =>…
:iconshiramu-lugia: =>
:iconwhitefang45: =>…
:icondanetia: =>…
:icondanetia: =>…
:iconkarinxkiba: =>…
:iconcyriya: =>…
:iconvoltaradragoness: =>…
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VoltaradragonessHobbyist Digital Artist
can you put me in your description plz?
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NeomaeHobbyist Digital Artist
You have been added to the description! THank you very much for using my base! =)
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VoltaradragonessHobbyist Digital Artist
omg thhnak you! And your so welcome :3
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This is copywrited here is the real site where it is found [link] sorry....i will not repot you i just thought that everyone would be happy to know this.....goodbye
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NeomaeHobbyist Digital Artist
First of all, your link does not work. That is a shame because I'd really like to know who stole my picture. The owner of this site => [link] asked me for permission to offer this picture as a coloring page a few years back. Noone else has permission to use this image. If you didn't find this pic at the Skytemple of Lugia and Articuno, I'd really like to ask you, where else it is used.

I did this image in 2005.
If you compare the drawing style to the style of the other pictures in my gallery, you will realize, that it is the same style.
(But you probably don't know about drawing styles, as you don't seem to be an artist. You only post images made by other people – which actually IS against DeviantArt's rules. DeviantArt is a site to submit your own art. This is not Photobucket!)
I could also tell you about the people, who saw the original drawing on paper before I ever submitted it anywhere or about the original drawing and sketch, which I probably have still lying around somewhere – but I really don't feel like having to explain myself to you. You obviously did poor research on the matter and the way you rudely commented on my picture hints to you being a fairly young and unexperienced internet user. So I'll give you some hints, instead:

I think it is a good thing that people bring attention to art thieves. The way you tried to do it, however, is not the propper way. But this time you made a fool of yourself for going after the original artist like that.

Revealing art thieves needs propper research. You need to pay attention to some important details, before you can judge anyone. The most revealing are:
• the date of posting => often the person who posted the image first, is the original artist
• the context of posting => an example: a gallery containing images with a continuous drawing style points to the original artist rather than the use of the image on some fan site
• the size of the image can give hints => however, some artists (like me) offer their images in the original size

I know my comment might be not the frindliest response but I have to admit that I feel quite offended by your rude comment and by the fact that you did snap at me like that without doing propper research.
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This is lugiasnumber1fan's father (I prefer not to use her real name) please dont be rude to my daughter as she is going through some troubles at school right now and just wanted a sense of acomplishment (hence the stolen work) so she decided to put her comment on this page...I saw the site where it was used and saw that there was credit going towards you. She was not trying to be rude only she wasnt thinking straight. I have talked to her about the situation and she will take down all her stolen work.
I am sorry for her being rude and if you have any more problems with her please email me at and I will talk with her.
Thank you.
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CyriyaHobbyist General Artist
Here's mine. :3


Sorry if the link doesn't work. -.- I'm still new and this is really.. strange to me.
Anyways, all the credit goes to you for the lineart, and once I figure out how to properly do the linky stuff, I'll put it there.
It was really fun to do. Thanks!
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Whitefang45Hobbyist Digital Artist
[link] I hope you like it! I worked hard on it. :D
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shiramu-lugiaHobbyist General Artist
I colored it! :D

Here it is: [link]
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copperarabianStudent Photographer
I colored this [link] You did a great job on the line art.

I'm still trying to get used to a tablet and digital art, I have photoshop, but so far I've liked using the program art rage more. The original lines are no longer visible (I have the starter art rage so I can't use layers *cry*) but I used a tracing option, and the picture itself isn't very complex sense most of it is black with highlights on parts of Lugia.

I did change one small thing though, I angled one of the fins on the back slightly.

Hope you like it :D
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barzula-storm-demonHobbyist General Artist
[link] let me know what you think.
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johnhouleStudent Artist
can i color this? i will sent u a link ok
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Luane-SilverwingHobbyist General Artist
[link] I did one too XD
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ElsdrakeHobbyist Digital Artist
hey there [link]

look good?
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ArticunoHobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there! I was wondering if you'd allow me to use this piece for my colouring pages at, with full credit of course :> the page can be found here if you're interested [link]

I would make them myself but I never have time so I rely on volunteer work for that really ^^;
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NeomaeHobbyist Digital Artist

It's absolutely fine with me! =) I know your page and stop by there once in a while. I think you're doing a great job and I'm happy that I can help you out with one of my pics.

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ArticunoHobbyist Digital Artist
Ohh thankyou so much!! ^v^ Would you like a link to your DA or email address or anything?
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I coloured your lineart :3
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XxWolfandBowserFanxXHobbyist General Artist
Here's mine =3
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Yes! :+fav:!
I will, like Brooklyn, but need more time XD!
How you do so clear outlines? Is awesome this for me! :wow:
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