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  • How long have you been on DeviantArt? Since 2005
  • What does your username mean? It's a personal character of mine, Neolucky.
  • Describe yourself in three words. Robust, Talkative, Iron Willed
  • Are you left or right handed? Right
  • What was your first deviation? Not my first, but the oldest public image is   Leohana Feltice by Neolucky
  • What is your favourite type of art to create? Colorful, emotive character work
  • If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? Sci-Fi concept Landscapes
  • What was your first favourite?  Beetlejuice: Wedding Day by I-heart-Link
  • What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? Character stuff
  • Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? Katie-W
  • If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? Prolly klar !
  • How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? Katie-W is my best friend, and knows me better then anyone. Been there for good times, bad, and made a huge impact on me in many ways.
  • What are your preferred tools to create art? Tablet, traditional stuff like pencils, inks, copics.
  • What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? My room.
  • What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? The april fools icon stuff.

2 Months out and feelin' fine~

Thu Apr 2, 2015, 9:03 PM
As the title states, it's been about two months since transplant and I am still sort of in disbelief over it. Things are so different now!

I have energy, I'm excited and ready to get back to things I love, and I can give attention and effort more without constant anxiety or depression. I did not realize I was going down a pretty dark road for the past couple of years, I had literally no clue. Every day felt so dismal and the only thing I'd really pay attention to was my dog for his sake alone. I slept so much and would just kind of chill out and be too tired or bored to come online or talk to anyone. I looked sick, I felt sick, but I thought I was doing well - only to see such a big change after transplant. I feel happier and healthier then I did before I got sick in the first place! I am in a better place.

My plans are now to save everything I can until next year, and try to move back to Seattle. Have a good pal who wants to move there and we're gonna room it up out in Lynwood more then likely, dog, parakeet and all. (My dog, their parakeet haha)

I am still not able to have a legit paycheck which is a bit unsettling, but without Medicare my rejection meds cost an easy $6,000 a month - how does anyone afford to stay alive? Makes my brain hurt to try and figure it out. Speaking of medication! My body is doing so strongly and well, they have reduced the amount I take! It's a big indicator that my body is accepting the kidney with very minimal issues. I try to take very good care of myself so it will last as long as physically possible. The first 6 months are the most intensely watched, eventually I'll barely see a doctor beyond once a month and a yearly visit in Seattle to my transplant hospital.

Beyond arting a lot, I play games as much as ever (Currently on Bloodborne, Monster Hunter 4 annnnd a pile of Steam games haha) I read a little, and continue to still build and create my own little character-worlds with my best pal Katie-W (who I'll get to see 100x more once I move back down YAY~)

If there is any other questions, feel free to ask anytime.  Not too much more to add since things are going pretty good. I did take a tumble doing something stupid (redecorating, leaned on something with wheels and fell flat on my back) but I got checked out and there's no damage, just a bruised back and ego haha. Dogs doing really well, bullheaded as ever and cute as could be. He's a whopping 38 lbs of pure muscle, sheesh!

Oh! Also I was gifted a subscription and want to make a shout-out to iAmSprFstJellyfish , thank you for being so generous!

I hope to add a few things here more often, I generally just post to tumblr but I will try to post more here ahhhhh~.

On the flip side, how are YOU all doing? Tell me!

As of writing this journal I am officially 10 days out from having an organ transplant. I wanted to wait and make the announcement until I was feeling a bit better. And now I am!

I was called and came into Seattle just 3 hours later, rushed to the Virginia Mason hospital and within minutes I was getting prepped for surgery. The surgery was 5 hours, went well, and I am currently in a long term stay hotel in Seattle. I'll be here for a month total (more if needed) and its still not hit me yet how insane it all sounds.

My organ came from a cadaver donor, is in the top %20 in the nation. After 4 days it is working at peak performance. New medications to get used to, new tastes smells and sounds. My kidney affects -so much- of my life that it's exciting to see just what changes on a day to day basis.

Here's a list of the biggest changes:

  • My skin is healthy, no longer cracked, dry peeling or bleeding
  • I can eat just about anything now (In fact they want me to eat tons)
  • I can taste things, and smells are entirely different
  • I am on lifelong rejection medications but will be tapered down drastically in the coming months, the strongest being steroids.
  • No more dialysis! I get my presternal catheter removed next month
  • I can now go swimming to my hearts content
  • I can travel, and am not tethered to a machine 9 hours a day
  • I must be careful around sunlight as my medications make me photosensitive, meaning no more tanning and lots of sunscreen
  • No more daily nausea
My only disappointment is still being unable to work a living wage, at least for the next 12 months. Due to medicare taking care of my medications during that time, I cannot work beyond $300 a month. I will be pushing back against this as I absolutely miss making an honest living at my chosen profession. I feel there has to be a way around this, but so far it's "Work and pay for all your medications" or "Don't work, don't save, and be disabled." After 5 years of the latter, it takes a mental toll on you. My government seems to think I'm worth very little, but I know I'm more then that and I can be a productive person. But these medications are in the couple-grand-a-month price range and no one can reasonably afford them for a lifetime.

One very specific issue here is the fact my transplant does not fix anything permanently. Its a temporary relief, but will be one of multiple transplants. I will be on these medications for life, but any time I can have with a healthy organ is worth it. It can last anywhere from now, until 20 years from now! It's worth it to try, and if for any reason it does not work out I can live on PD fairly average. This is all a learning experience and the more I know, the better choices I can make. At 31, it's a good time in my life to make some serious plans!

Many good things, but taking it all in a realistic light at the same time. I'm just totally ready to get back into the swing of things and live a bit more <3.

The biggest thing I want to say is THANK YOU.

THANK ALL OF YOU. For the words, the wishes, the donations and the good vibes. The fundraiser was a success, and my month here is so much better because of that. I am comfortable, fed, and able to rest in a clean environment and its all -because- of that support. I am trying to save whatever I can so that fund can be used in the event of any emergency concerning after-care meds, or if Medicare seems fit to drop me. 

I will update more as things change, but I felt it time to tell everyone here =) my twitter has a more daily stream of updates and if you have any questions please feel free to ask. I love to discuss it and teach others about the process because it's kind of fascinating!

Talk to you guys later, it's time to watch some superbowl!

Woaaaahhhh... I'm alive!

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 1, 2014, 12:42 AM
Hey dudes and dudettes! It's been a long time, no?

So a little bit of an update journal, seeing as I've been pretty quiet and on a little bit of a hiatus from my computer.

1.) I got a puppy!

Holy hell, he's a wonderful little monster and is now nearly four months old. He is a Boston Terrier / French Bulldog mix and really the light of my life, I've never had the chance to bond with an animal quite like this before and it's really gotten me moving around much more. As a result I've lost nearly 30 pounds and I feel physically better then I have in a long time. My twitter has a lot of pictures of him if you're an uber nosey person like I am ( ). His name is "Belmont". Yes, that Belmont.

2.) I'm helping to run a convention!

I'm Artist Alley head at Senshicon a neat anime/game/comic convention here in Alaska. I'm also the resident graphic designer, flyer wizard, contest holder, banner maker and... well... lots of other things haha. Also working closely with our PR & Exhibitor Coordinator. It's going to be a good year I think, with so many new events going on this year. Alongside that, I'm trying to get ready to sell my own wares this year as well (with much needed help from family).

3.) Speaking of - Art Gallery Anyone?

So, one of the events we are holding this year is an art gallery. A free gallery, where artists from anywhere (in and out of Alaska) can submit artworks to have their stuff showcased on a big section of our Exhibitors hall. The art will be seen by 3,000 people over two days (September 27th and 28th) if any of you amazing folks would like to submit some work to this gallery then please, please email me at --> . And please know that this is under donation, so your prints will be donated to the convention for galleries in the future. Your name, website, and info will be posted at the bottom of the image on a note card for people to see as well. These will not be sold, or auctioned or used for profit as it's a no-pressure free gallery simply for fun.

4.) Kidney Stuff!

I've been in limbo for about a year now, hoping to get back on active list and I am so close I can taste it. I've been pressuring my coordinator to put me back on since I'm beyond all my infections and I'm doing -really- well right now, it's time to get that darn transplant. I'm really optimistic that I'll be close to getting it this year finally. There's a lot I want to do with my life, so I'm gonna just keep on pushing!


So did I leave anything out? I sure hope not. Busy busy busy bee I am, I hope to get back to drawing again soon... as soon as Belmont lets me, that is. =|

*Insert Keanu Reeves noise*

I just got back recently from a trip, as well as a long bout of being sick - I'm still fairly sick, but nothing like I was, phew! (My ears haven't popped in weeks, so I can't hear too well and I still have a bad cold)

I came back to over a thousand (!!!!) birthday wish messages, and I cried manly tears. I haven't had the time or energy to come and thank everyone individually but I'm going to try to. But before I do that I want to make a great big THANK YOU to everyone, because it was the best thing I could have come back home to ;_;.

You guys are awesome <3.

In other news I've taken on the role as Artist Alley Coordinator for the local convention where I live ( ) and we're about to open up the mascot contest and artist alley :D, so if you're a fellow Alaskan or are traveling up this September, maybe consider joining up or entering! It's a small but really fun con and has a pretty lovely group of folks running it.

Minecraft Server?

Sun Feb 10, 2013, 4:29 PM

I've asked this before but I never really got any answers elsewhere, so I'll try asking you good ol' chaps here on Deviantart.

Do any of you have a Minecraft server you'd be willing to let me play on? It gets lonely playing on my own and I would enjoy some server-time with other folks. If you have a server, or know of a populated server that has some neat people (I generally use skype for chatting during) I'd be up for it! I'm a pretty polite player and just like to build and dig dig dig dig diggy hole.

Thanks :D I hope to play with you guys soon!

Donate for my Kidney Transplant!

Thu Nov 10, 2011, 9:25 PM
Hey guys, long time no see.

I am writing to you just after a rather painful surgery so please forgive me if my words get a little tangled up - I'm pretty drowsy but this is incredibly important to share with everyone.

I have recently been placed on as a transplant recipient for funraising! This means that should anyone ever wish to, they can donate to my transplant fund directly and know it will safetly be put aside until used specifically on transplant related things.

It means so much to me that people have repeatedly asked to help out, and now I have a solid legitimate way to do so, and it's even tax deductable! So please, head on over to:


And take a peek at my page, maybe make a small donation!

Thanks for everyone's support, I am now a step closer to getting a transplant, and through this fund I will be able to financially afford it.

The Goal

The first goal is at $5,000 , and already at %40 holy crap! Basically once it hits 5k, I am awarded donation help by HelpHopeLive, and then the next goal is 10k and so on and so on. Just wanted to be clear about that! My final set goal is $20,000 to cover everything - and apparently HHL says thats a low average (holy crap) but thats what I'm shooting for. Already my state has donated $2,000 (Thanks AK!) and everyone online has contributed at least $2,000 on their own. So, if that green status bar goes up and down it's because HHL is changing my goal settings! It only updates once a week and with this influx of help from you amazing people, I think they are getting more then they expected to handle. Wowee! I can't thank everyone enough, but I sure will try my damndest to do it. I can barely keep up with all your love, and it just makes me want to explode. Thank you so much.

Paypal is not accepted

I cannot, and will not accept personal Paypal Payments. I'm sorry. I continue to get notes about this, and I'm sad to say it's not feasable. Please go here if you want to read about why -->… It's just not acceptable unless you 1.) Have a paypal debit card (Which is free to own) or 2.) Buy a prepaid greendot card. Both would work. But unfortunately direct paypal payments are not available at this time, despite my asking HHL to take them. But thank you so much for your support! I want this to be a transparent fundraiser so you are welcome to ask -any- question should you have them.

After the outpouring of love from Tumblr, I started one myself. I will have a FAQ posted eventually but for now Im answering just about anything over there so please head over! ---> &nbs… may not be my prim ary art tumblr, but I may crosspost my doodling work there as well as my personal blog.

All Dragonfest books have shipped!

Wed Jun 22, 2011, 9:17 PM
Yaaaaay! All Dragonfest books have been shipped out, and every single customer has been emailed and sent a link to a private survey (to be used when it arrives). This last batch should take a couple weeks to reach the last set of people's doorsteps (longer if it's out of the US) but they're on their way! I also want to apologize for the length of time it's taken to get all orders sent out - there was over 40 orders, most of them being "Special Editions" that required personalized sketches included as well as some goodies! Also thanks to my pal Nim-Nim for doing a large chunk of those sketches with me, I'm sure everyone who gets them will enjoy those!

Now that it's done, I can honestly say I don't think I'll be doing another order quite like that again, phew! It's just costs so much to print, ship, label and all that, not to mention it's pretty much just me packaging it all up...but I am very glad to have at least done one big order, so thank you everyone who DID order <3 I really appreciate it and hope you enjoy the comics. I have no extra copies to sell online, so now the only way to purchase books from me is at conventions!

If for any reason you have NOT received an email detailing the shipment of your order, please feel free to contact me at: , and I will be happy to figure out what happened. But it seems they all went through and should be on their way! I did pay for insurance and delivery confirmation just to make doubly sure they all arrive.

Thanks again everyone!

Just wanting to update some people as to whats going on with Dragonfest annnd a few small personal tidbits!

I don't really talk about my personal life often, I've always been pretty reclusive but I think it's best to try and honestly update people when something is happening that impedes my workflow; So here we go!

As of now there's 16 packages left to send, it's taking a bit longer then I'd like due to the next topic. Also, the packages were sent with Media mail so it takes anywhere from 1-3 weeks (and then some, if international) so please keep an eye out! I email everyone who's packages get sent, so if you have not received one yet, yours is not ready =) thank you for being so patient though. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me at , and I can easily check my confirmation number! People are JUST now starting to get them, so at least it seems to be working out! Another thing I want to say is some of them seem to be dented, of which I'm not sure I can help at this point. But I hope they don't come out too damaged! If so, please feel free to send any complaints my way! I'm also unsure if I'll have any more Dragonfest copies left over to sell online, sorry if anyone was waiting! I'm not sure I'll be doing another order for those again.

Last week I went through two separate surgeries. One on my left arm (to help fix my fistula - which didnt seem to work) and one to place a Peritoneal Catheter in my stomach. The latter surgery was more serious, and is taking a long time to heal, so it's making things very hard to focus on right now. I'm stubborn and keep moving around, when all thats doing is causing my wound to heal less I'm trying super hard to take things easy. But I'm pretty restless! I'm very stressed out from this, because I have things to do but I just want to say there may be a bit more delay on the last batch of packages.

Thanks for everything guys, and thanks for keeping up with me!

Failcon 2011 - No more Artist Alley for me!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 25, 2011, 3:16 PM

So I did manage to struggle my way through Friday's treatment and get to Sakuracon's Artist Alley in time to still have my table. Thanks to Katie-W I was able to go, set up and sell a few things to lighten my load before I go home this Tuesday! I met so many great people, saw friends, saw repeat customers and overall had a good time. That is, until Sunday ruined what was a decent time.

I've decided I'm not touching the Artist Alley ever again. Perhaps in the future I'll purchase a booth in the Dealers Hall, but as far as the thanks. Had to be one of the worst coordinators I've had the 'pleasure' of dealing with, in retrospect. After 5 years of being an AA artist there, I've never once felt as singled out and angry as I was on Sunday.

Basically, it boils down to this: Apparently the AA contract states you must stay in the alley during open ours (Sunday was 9am - 10pm). Now, most cons allow an artist to leave once things die down, say, 6-7 pm when everyone has panels and concerts and such to go to and theres no traffic whatsoever. (not that we had good traffic, the location was absolutely the worst spot ever!) So, me and Katie-W thought we were in the clear, and left around 6:30-7:00 Pm. I was tired, hungry, needed medication and rest. I did not bring my wheelchair that day, due to thinking I would not need to do any excessive movement, but I was pretty exhausted without it I will admit.

So, the AA Coordinator  walks up to my table and tells me: "I noticed you left early yesterday, and I wanted to inform you that there is a stipulation in the contract stating that you must stay until the alley closes." I asked when it closed. "Oh 10 pm." ... Immediately my eyes went wide and I told her "Woah! Thats really late..." And basically that was that. I had several friends there, witnessing the entire thing as well.

I did not see her talk to Katie, who ALSO left early, nor did I see her talk to anyone ELSE who left early. I felt completely singled out. I hate using my disability as a reason for anything, but seriously, I have a disability. You cannot expect me, or anyone else, to stay that late. Aren't there labor laws stating that you can only work 8 hours straight? what about Disability related laws? Something about that contract feels illegal.

Of all the people there, coming to me and 'scolding' me over leaving early was kind of cruel. I had to go through a lot of pain and stress just to even be at that convention, I paid at least $150 bucks for a table and a If I need to leave a damn table, it's my problem not theirs. She KNEW I was going through problems with my dialysis, and she KNEW about the possible surgery - how could she fault me for leaving 'early'? (I'm sorry, 6-7 pm is not early when you've been there since 9 am)

Katie went and firmly gave her a good talking to, thankfully. Not that it did any good, as soon as she walked away I witnessed Tabitha and her male friend (staff?) rolling their eyes and making snotty faces. I'm sorry but cons shouldn't be hiring absent-minded children to run parts of the convention, let alone the Artist Alley. She doesn't answer emails, she was hardly at the Alley itself, she lives in another state, and is too young as far as I'm concerned to be running an area with real business transactions involving adults. I'm pretty sour about the entire thing, and hope they find someone new next year for those who are attending.

Sorry about the rant guys. tl;dr = Sakuracons AA this year was bad and it's coordinator was a bag of fail.

Edit: I am withholding the AA Coordinators name here and on the forums, my post there was deleted, fixed, and reposted to reflect that change. My email has gone directly to Relations, and is being looked at seriously from what I'm being told. If you would like to read the forum post, go here -->…

Medical Problems (Sakuracon may be a no go)

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 21, 2011, 5:36 PM

Due to my botched dialysis treatment today, I will be trying again tomorrow morning. If this fails I am going into an emergency surgery to have a catheter (4th one whoopee) placed in my chest to receive treatment. This means, unfortunately, that I will probably miss Friday of Sakuracon. Then in turn, means I may lose my table and not be selling at all. ( And I will demand a refund ) I may be sitting with :iconkatie-w: instead to just visit and help her out. I may be too weark after the surgery to really feel like selling or drawing for that matter. I'm pretty angry and upset about this.

This is a volatile situation, and if things don't go well tomorrow then the con is sort of a bust. I can't control things, and it's out of my hands. I only hope the con-staff understand. My disability is chaotic and not something I'd wish on anyone, because it can turn a great vacation into something miserable and disappointing for everyone.

So if you cannot find me, you will now understand why. I am very sorry if I have to miss the con, and I hope by some miracle my treatment works.

Gimme some good vibes, I really need them right now.

Edit: One more thing - I made it into the Megaman tribute with my Forte/Bass entry <3 ;u; So I'm kind of a roller coaster of emotions.


Journal Entry: Tue Apr 19, 2011, 12:50 AM

Hey everyone!

I'm just doing a pre-convention journal to let you know I'll be at Sakuracon this year!

I'm not sharing a table this year but I believe I will be right beside Katie-W, at table #54 and #55 ( seen here -->… ) with the following goodies:

:bulletblue: PRINTS
13x19 - $15
11x17 - $10
8.5x11 -  $5 / Metallic is $10
4x6 Zodiac packs - $10

:bulletblue: BOOKS
Dragonfest Perfect Collection - $40
Dragonfest Volume 1, 2, 3 - $10
Luckyworks 3 - $20
Luckyfuzz PG - $15 / Adult is $25

:bulletblue: MISC.
Original Art - Prices Vary
Adult prints and originals - Prices Vary
Commission Sketches - $15+
Keychains - $2

For any adult related art, prints or comics you must ask to see them and show proper ID. I will not have them out or available to browse through otherwise. Please bring a reference picture if you can if you want a sketch commission.  I will be cosplaying as Rainbow Dash <3 so we shoulnt be hard to find. I even had my faux hawk dyed in rainbow colors! So look for some crazy person with rainbow hair, and you've pretty much found me haha.

Look for all these amazing folks in the Artist alley!

And of course, you simply must visit the dealers hall to find these guys!

Dragonfest Perfect Collection: Pre-order OPEN!

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 12, 2011, 12:31 AM

Pre-order period has ended! Thank you for your orders, I'll update once the books have reached my door and orders are being sent out! <3

Commission Rtil!

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 7, 2011, 10:52 AM


Hey everyone!

Normally I don't make many plugs unless it's something I really think should have attention drawn to it but there is an artist I absolutely think should be loved and adored - and COMMISSIONED! Thats right, rtil is open for commissions and has already done some fantastic illustration work for both me and Katie-W, check them out!

:thumb203546084: :thumb199370366:

His prices are very reasonable for the work he's putting into these, so please give rtil a look and maybe buy a commission :heart:. You can find his commission information HERE -->…


Dragonfest Delays

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 5, 2011, 8:09 PM

Heya guys!

So, because my printer (lulu) is having a hard time with a book of this size, it will take longer then I expected to have the books available by Sakuracon. So this means that I'll only have a few (5) actual copies at the con for purchase. However there is some good news:

On the 12th I plan to open Paypal-preorders (via a friends paypal) online so that when I return from the con I can send out the individual books myself to each and every one of you that order, I will ship internationally as well!

So for those who ordered for Sakuracon, I am incredibly sorry but it will be first come, first served for those limited copies I am able to get. I will also be taking orders AT the convention, so that when I return home I can send them out personally.

Most likely the books will be $47 (international will be more) which includes shipping and all the extras (maybe even other surprises!).

Either way hold out for the 12th, and then you will be able to make an online order then. Sorry for this disappointment, I'm bummed out about it too but it's just not feasible to get that many books before the convention, let alone afford it right now.


Dragonfest - Perfect Collection (Pre-ordering NOW!

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 1, 2011, 1:59 PM

Hey guys, long time no see!

I have an announcement to make (And no this isn't an april fools joke hah!). Dragonfest - Perfect Collection is now in the stages of being proofed and printed, and I would like to take pre-orders for those attending Sakuracon this year! Info below:

:bulletblue: DRAGONFEST - Perfect Collection (adult comics)

- A whopping 440 pages!
- Every single comic released on Slipshine in one fat little bundle!
- Sketch pages and designs in the back by the creators! (me and nim-nim)
- Pre-orders get a special 'color insert' pack including 4x6 prints of the covers and other art!
- Free 8.5x11 print of the cover!

All this for $40!

:bulletblue: HOW TO PRE-ORDER:

Please make a comment in this journal claiming you'd like one, and I'll take your DA name down! There is no payment until the convention itself (and ONLY AT the convention, no online sales sorry!) When the convention comes along (April 22-24) I'll have a book set aside for you with your extra goodies, so just come on up, give me your name (or whichever name you prefer, in your comment) and you can pay right there and then! - CASH ONLY please! There will be VERY limited amounts of this book available, so pre-ordering is the best and only way to get a secured book in your hands!

Sorry if you're not attending this convention and want a copy, I simply cannot sell things online anymore.
Also, this book is 18+ only, so please do not pre-order if you are not 18 or older!

Thanks! I'll do a Sakuracon general journal later when it gets closer to the con.

Post-op and Aki con

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 3, 2010, 9:09 PM

So last Thursday I managed to get through a semi invasive surgery! I finally have acquired a fistula in my upper left arm/bicep. It'll drastically improve my dialysis in a few months once it heals. However this has left me with some pretty gnarly scars along my forearm and inner elbow. During the same surgery I had my catheter replaced, so I have a bullet-hole like scar on my chest from where the last one was inserted haha, I'm all scarred up. But honestly scars never bothered me, so I'm not really in a tizzy over that. In fact I'm pretty glad the surgery went well! The team of people working on me were fantastic, I would put my life in their hands again for sure.

As far as how I'm doing, as many of you ask (and I appreciate on a level that can't be shown through text), I'm doing alright. Not amazing, not horrible, but somewhere in-between as I get used to medications and downtime and try to reschedule myself. The next big step are exams to prepare paperwork for a transplant in the next few years. It won't be easy, but I think it'll all work out.

So outside of surgeries and medical stuff, I am hitting a con this weekend. Aki-con! I'll be selling some little things so if you're in the area, do stop on by! I am heading there for most of Friday, but joining me at the table will be the ever amazing Katie-W later on and saturday + sunday as well!

List o sellins':

- luckyworks 3 sketchbook
- luckyworks 2 sketchbook (one copy!)
- dragonfest 1-3 (ask for these, as they are adult work)
- luckyfuzz 1 anthro art sketchbook (pg or adult available on request)
- limited chinese zodiac-packs (all 12 zodiacs in glorious 4x6 prints, plus a hand-crafted lucky charm!)
- limited sketch commissions!
- all new set of 10 keychains! (popular characters + some retro favorites of mine)

And much more, some come on by! No crazy hair color this time, but some crazy hair-accessories MAYBE? YES? <3 gets a face-lift!

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 16, 2010, 10:51 PM

So, shoving that scary journal aside, I have some news about my main website,!

Basically, I fused it with my sketchblog, and have made the entire site a bit more contained and simple via using my wordpress blog to host the content. So now you can keep up do date with rare sketches, linearts and finished images that I don't post here! Rss is available, as is comments and other nifty features. Older art from the site has been posted in the "Gallery" page, which is where I may also post more 'polished' pieces later on. But for now I just update the blog from time to time with art or news. I'll be tweaking and adding content as time goes on, and if you have any suggestions feel free to tell me here! So check it out, it's for your health!

More Updates - Finally a cause of all this crud!

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 1, 2010, 9:15 PM

I'm not really one to share aspects of my personal life very often. In fact it's kind of a frightening thing for me to do, and it takes a lot for me to feel safe to do so. But with the outpouring of support I feel that I should at least keep those who worry, or are curious updated as to what's going on with my condition.

Today I believe my surgeon found the cause of all this high blood pressure and renal failure. He told me I have something called Fibromuscular Dysplasia.

This is a rare condition, that I was possibly born with. It causes your veins to create little webs or walls in the lining of your arteries. This in-turn will cause high blood pressure, and renal failure if not treated early. That is why everything started going downhill. The problem with this is it may stop me from getting a much needed kidney transplant, due to the nature of the disease.

What scares me the most is the fact these webs can be built in veins leading to the heart and brain. It can cause cardiac arrest (which seems to be the leading cause of death in children with FMD) but so far the signs of it are only lower and in my renal area. My veins look like little pearls strung together instead of smooth like they should be. This creates a problem for my veins and keeps them fragile and small, and is why my IV's blew out every single time when in the hospital.

The plan of action now is the first get an ultrasound in each arm, then implant a fistula for better dialysis, then look into balloon angioplasty, to open up those veins and breakdown the webbing. It may or may not help to get the latter, but my surgeon thinks it's a good idea and I trust him a lot.

It's an incredibly rare disease, and nothing causes it to happen...basically it's just "bad luck" as he says. The only cool thing about today? I got to see my arteries in full 3d, it was neat and I geeked out a little with the computer over it.

So there we have it. I have a cause, there are treatments and we can move forward. I will have a meeting with my Vascular doctor soon and ask him many questions about this, as I'm sure he now knows. It'll shed some light. Also that wikipedia link is really interesting, if not a little terrifying.

So thats that. I also want to give a big thank you for those comments before, I try so hard to reply to them but theres so many it seems like an endless see of support, and it really lifts me up to read this sort of thing even if from strangers. I go back at times to read them, and remind myself why I post, and why I share these things. This is a pretty hard time in my life, second most to another traumatic event before this one only this time, I'm the one who's sick.

My eye is almost completely healed and I am drawing again, and trying to get into working again. So that is some good news at least!

Life Changing Stuff

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 18, 2010, 7:59 PM

Hi guys. It's been a little while, and some amazing scary things have happened in the course of a month that I think you all should be aware of. This will impact a lot of what I do, and how I do it, so read on if you are curious.

It's kinda long, btw.


A month or so ago, I started getting symptoms of what I thought might be an ulcer. I threw up a lot, every other day. I was itchy, convulsing, unable to sleep, heart was racing. I felt miserable. Something was wrong. So after a trip I went to the urgent care clinic not far from my home.

My blood pressure was 200/114. That is beyond all thats needed to have a stroke. The doctor said I was in end-stage renal failure. My kidneys were failing. So he took some labs and set me up with a specialist a week later.

(He should have sent me to an ER.)

3 days later my left eye went blurry, it stayed that way for a few days. It was like a massive sunspot that never left. I went into Pearle Vision, then was told something was severely wrong. I was sent to an Optometrist.

My blood pressure was 214/109. Worse, was I was having hemorrhage in my left eye as a direct result. Literally stroking out in my left eye, the eye-doc sent me off to the ER immediately. He saved my life.

Went to the ER, was medicated, then sent to the hospital. There I stayed until 2 days ago. I had immediate surgery to put a catheter (Tubes) into my neck/collarbone and then into my main artery. Within hours I was in getting Dialysis done. My kidneys are no longer functioning. What Dialysis does is take your blood out, filter it, and put it back in, over 4 hours time. It's very slow, and kind of interesting. However there are side effects, and it wears me out and makes me very cold. However this acts as an artificial kidney, it's keeping me alive.

I had a kidney Biopsy done, will be getting the results in 2 weeks I hope. I want answers.

I have no prior conditions, no prior blood pressures issues. This disease ate my kidneys without me knowing it, possibly for years, and theres no real answer as to how, or why, or if it's treatable. All I know is I will have a transplant sometime.

You can see how all this kind of came crashing down all at the same time within a month. It's why I've been gone, and why I may not have any art to show for quite some time. I haven't drawn in ages, and I am waiting for my eye to heal slowly as my blood pressure is medicated through tons of pills daily.

I wanted to wait until I was back home to say anything to anyone other then close friends. I've had much support from family and friends as it is, I love them dearly and I can't thank them enough. (Especially Katie-W, who visited me and then visited me this weekend to help me do housework and keep me company. You are the best.)

Thanks for reading, I hope to make a recovery someday soon and be drawing again. But until then I'll try and visit online once in a while and comment!