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These are my personal original characters, Rocky and Pai.

I have uploaded Pai and Rocky art here before on Da, but never together for some reason! After my last deviation, I felt like something cute and sweet/sappy to counterbalance the creepiness of it. I've been sick the past couple days, and decided this would be a good 'relaxing' picture.

Rocky's favorite past time is playing his SNES console, and one of Pai's is watching him - the current game (Although you can't see it) is Secret of Mana. The entire scene here occurs because a specific song seems to make Pai get very sleepy and hence she would decide to nap on Rocky as a result. Not that the man would mind, lazy naps on the weekends are what life is all about.

Rocky and Pai are not lovers, although they are very close to each other. They're more like adopted brother and sister then anything else.

Thanks to *-patches- and *CrescentVenus for their critiques and encouragement! :heart:

Song: Secret of Mana - Wish (Crystal Forest) , and Secret Garden - Prayer
Tools: OC2, PS7
Time: 10-17 Hours
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