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Published: August 5, 2015
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Sirens are a sub-species of snake people I call "Willowren", though definitely not as friendly as the latter. Siren lure in their prey by thrashing about their humanoid top (like an angler fish) to make wanderer's or would-be-heroes come to the maiden's aid, only to realize too late that it was a trap. They are torn apart and eaten raw, or cooked over an open fire with others while they share ale and stories of their idiot prey.

A nasty creature to happen upon, for sure. Although they do sing, that's only part of their trap, hohoho.
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VaibhavVilasPanchalHobbyist General Artist
Did the snake put his tongue through her ass & it came out of her mouth?
Vizcexa's avatar
VizcexaProfessional Digital Artist
It seems like you fall for the trap, now go rescue her hero hahah.
joshpoint0's avatar
no. she IS the snake. she's just pretending to be eaten by it
GeisKing1's avatar
Now this is an extremely awesome design.
LaraFantic96's avatar
LaraFantic96Hobbyist Digital Artist
Holy freakin cows! So that is a full body Snake with a woman bait as part of its tongue or something...geewiz. I would be so done on the spot, she quite a nice look babe too,
why me why i have to be so easy to stuff like this :giggle: now only if i can see her tongue or them narly nasty claw nails of her to grip you with to be a helpful guy to save her. But
you get gripped and dragged into the Snakes mouth by her which is bait part tung. Never seen a smarter Snake than one like this even tho i know i see something like this before in a movie
or on the sand on the beach. XD I hope i would be lucky to avoid it but i don't even know, fug fug fug XD dang you "willowren" and that hot babe tongue :iconepicfacepalm-plz:

Thanks for this wonderful piece...I :iconloveitplz: it!
metroidfannumber2's avatar
metroidfannumber2Hobbyist Artist
im already into spiderwomen and now im into naga. the llist is so long its ridiculous.
pyros's avatar
pyrosHobbyist Photographer
Yikes! O_o
The-Nai's avatar
The-NaiProfessional General Artist
AngelicAdonis's avatar
AngelicAdonisHobbyist Traditional Artist
That looks awesome! I like part where the snake meet's the woman! Very well done!: D
ZeDragon's avatar
Pretty interesting twist to have the Siren be a snake monster rather than a bird monster.
Neolucky's avatar
NeoluckyProfessional General Artist
Actually in my original concept they were kind of both! This variant is the wingless/featherless portion, but the others are much more birdlike in my ideas =>
SoniaMatas's avatar
SoniaMatasProfessional Digital Artist
KdaAnimefan's avatar
KdaAnimefanStudent Writer
RoninDude's avatar
RoninDudeProfessional Digital Artist
Whoa, nifty design! I like how it looks like the girl is being eaten, but I imagine that's the lure it uses for prey? I almost imagine the woman is some sort of inflatable tongue/puppet that the snake part can withdraw when the prey comes close enough. I could be way off, though. XD Anyways, pretty awesome!
Cubesona's avatar
Cubesona Digital Artist
she's... pretty...
Neolucky's avatar
NeoluckyProfessional General Artist
Mwehehehe thank you :>
slovenianjurij's avatar
The eyes on her tail make this picture hilarious.
Neolucky's avatar
NeoluckyProfessional General Artist
I absolutely agree!
KingManga8's avatar
KingManga8Hobbyist Digital Artist
arnt sirens vultures or birds or something? this is a good piece regardless!!
10Gauge's avatar
reminds me of a couple drawings i saw years ago where a dragon's tongue looked like the lower half of a lady and was used much the same way. Verrah sneaky and effective.

 She looks kinda like a ganguro…; although I wouldn't want to get that close…
ChubbPanda's avatar
ChubbPandaHobbyist Traditional Artist
now, that, is pretty cool!
Kelseyalicia's avatar
I think this species in mythology is called a "Naga"
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