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Hello there, I've noticed a few people following me of late or favouring my uploaded art and I'd thought I'd make a quick post with some information you may find useful. I have numerous collections, Lion King, MLP (mostly now focusing on plushies), Disney etc. and have in the past thought about posting some of my items here. Sadly, I find Deviant Art's uploading system complex and an utter nightmare, thus as far as uploads are concerned don't expect anything here. Fear not though, because if you like looking at awesome collections, including an updated reference and plush of my pony OC along with many other things, you can find me at kirkyscollections over on Snupps,…. Oh and I'm also trying to write a pony fanfic which hopefully be done over the next few months on Fimfiction, I'll post a link here once it's done. Anyway, think that is all, have a Merry Xmas everyone and Happy and Prosperous New Year to All, Samuel (Howling Apple/Neoky)
Screenshot 2018-03-11 at 18.42.21
Been getting into MLP over past month or so and decided to generate a Pony OC, Howling Apple, using the fabulous pony maker at, cutie mark although not present here is a Zap Apple. Will be getting a reference sheet shortly and that's why I'm putting this here to assist them. if anyone else is reading this and wants background info, I'll try to keep it short and not bore anyone, know some of it might not quite fit in with cannon but oh well. 

Name: Howling Apple, after being born when the Timber Wolves started howling to indicate the start of the Zap Apple harvest.
Gender: Male,     Species: Unicorn    Age: 25,     Family: Apple (obviously),     Cutie Mark: A Zap Apple,     Height: Slightly Above Average
Notable Features: Cut in right ear, freckles on nose.
Born: Ponyville, family decided to explore the undiscovered west whilst still a colt.    
Current residence: A farm somewhere in the undiscovered west, exact location unknown        
Occupation: Apple Farmer (not that he's very good at it besides the paperwork, but always tries his best!)
Abilities: Astral Projection. Whilst sleeping Howling Apple is able to explore his surroundings out of his body either by hoof or by floating. He can also enter others minds whether they are awake or asleep and see what they are thinking or dreaming, sometimes being able to manipulate these thoughts and dreams. Unlike almost all other unicorns though His horn has no power when awake, as Granny Smith said, Magic is just funny that way.
Likes: Sleeping, procrastinating, his magic and apples 
Dislikes: Lots of work, tiredness, being accident prone and Vampire Fruit Bats

And I think that covers most of the backstory. Please be aware that I didn't draw this and it is just here so that the person I am commissioning for a ref sheet has a guide.


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No problem, I like seeing what awesome creations the plush makers of the fandom come up with, keep up the great work and thanks for the communication!
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Heh, haven't posted much plush itself in a while, but I still have plans. ^^
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