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The Non-Destructive Bible



To download, right click on the download button and choose "save as". Since this is 15 pages long, I advise you to print the file, you won't regret it.

All right, finally something I am actually proud of.

What you can download here is literally a book. It's not just a simple tutorial, no. This is a walkthrough, from the moment you take your camera, to the moment you save your file, about the way to manipulate your files a non-destructive way. You might not know what "non-destructive" mean. Well, I cover that too.

This is a reference book. First, I explain to you what a raw file is, what to convert it to, and how to manipulate raw files.
But you may not have a camera that shoots in raw. Well, then, you apply to the second part of my tutorial, where I simply took every single tool in Photoshop, and found ways to use them in a non-destructive way. In fact, I don't only cover tools, no. I cover all adjustments through the edit menu AND all the filters.
Would that be enough? Maybe, but I give you even more. The third part of my tutorial is some tips and tricks, useful for everyone, to enhance your photograph/pictures, always in a non-destructive way. This goes from enhancing the contrasts to adding a non-destructive border, with lot of things between those two.

This is a good tutorial, useful for everyone. Not only that, but I know that after reading the whole tutorial, no matter from how long you use Photoshop, you will have learned at least one thing, if not more. I am so sure about this, that if you come to me and claim that after reading the whole tutorial you didn't learn ANYTHING, I pay you a year subscription to deviantART. This is, my friends, how sure I am you will learn something.

So, why not giving it a shot ? Just download the .pdf file, and read the parts that you care about. It is totally free, you don't even have to give me a +fav or anything, and once you've read this, you do whatever you want with your new knowledge.

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