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Spring Pack 01 : Lush



If you managed to get your way in this gigantic website and appear on this exact page, then you are most likely awesome. That's a good start, right?

Ho but there is more. Not only you're awesome, but what you're looking at is an awesome page. Why so, do you ask? Well, because this is a page where you can download one of my fantastic, marvelous, gorgeous spring wallpaper pack.

You like nature, right? Of course you do. You come from it, will end in it, so you'd better start loving it now. Well, spring is the best season for nature. You see, spring is the time where all the trees and flowers are waking up after a winter of good sleep, and it is really beautiful. Well, now is your chance to have a perfect example of how gorgeous spring can be, by downloading my wallpaper packs!

The theme for this pack, is lushness. Trees blooming, gigantic fields, poppies, etc. See a luxuriant nature in beautiful colors, made especially for your desktop pleasure. I've te(a)sted them myself, and they truly put your desktop and yourself in a spring mood, and you'll find yourself grining (greening?) in front of your screen, in your office, home, doghouse...

This pack contains not one, nor two, or three, but FOUR delicious wallpapers, available in those resolutions:

:bulletgreen: 1024x768 :bulletblue:1280x1024 :bulletred:1600x1200 :bulletorange:1280x800 :bulletpurple: 1440x900 :bulletyellow: 1920x1200

Please be glad to see the other pack, Simplicity, here: [link]
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You know what? This is very luxury actually. The pictures are so detailed and the photos makes me smile every time I look at them. It's like looking out of the window when I look at my screen, so nice:aww:

Very nice work Neo, you did it again!:D