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Never thought I'll be talking about Tom Preston again This is about the Smash Bros Demo which isn't the full game. 

I’m also just not fond of fighting games in general. I lived through the 90’s when fighting games were ALL THE RAGE and pretty much EVERYTHING was a fighting game both at home and in the arcades. There’s only so much enjoyment I can get out of beating people up again, and again, and again, and again. The rosters change, but the gameplay is essentially the same thing.
I wonder if he has actually lay this fighting. Super Street Fighter introduce us to the combo system, character are given new move. The game play is the same, but the character are give new and there are new character that play differently from the character that you been familiar with. Just because it have the same game play doesn't mean character will play the same.

Which brings me to another reason I’m not fond of Smash Bros. The rosters. Because right now it’s looking like Smash Bros is the Nintendo equivalent of an EA sports title. Minimal to no gameplay change, and a roster update that looks more like it should be DLC instead of a full priced game. And Smash Bros isn’t the only Nintendo game to do that. Pokemon does it. The revitalized 2-D sidescrolling Mario games do it too. Updating the roster with characters I won’t likely use is not enough to make me spend money on something.
Why the hell are you comparing Nintendo to EA. EA don't even do fighting game. Did you actually did any research on the game. The character Smash Bros are unlockable, you have to beat the game certain part of the game to unlock them, I had play Tekken 4, whenever I beat a story in the game I unlock a character. Pokemon is different, there are two verison of Pokemon because or one thing trading  Each version will have a exclusive pokemon and it was development by gamefreak not Nintendo.
I played the demo. I found the controls awful and unintuitive (3 jump buttons, really?). The gameplay was also remarkably SLOW for what normally is such an intense fighting experience. Aside from button mashing and looking at Nintendo nostalgic characters I like, what’s the appeal for me?
What did you expect for a demo, it not the full game. In case you didn't notice you could change the control, did you eve on to the options in the menu? 

Sooooo yeah. That’s my thoughts on Smash Bros. I was told by someone that I apparently “hate” Mario, Link and other Nintendo characters because I’m not enthusiastic about Smash Bros... which is complete BS as anyone who knows me and my history with Nintendo can attest too. I LOVE Nintendo. I just don’t LOVE Smash Bros, Ok?
Didn't you hate Zelda Ocarina of Time, because of link blond hair.

End it here.
Xarti Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2018  Student General Artist
Oh, wow, this guy. I thought that we won't see him again after he left DA. (Rolling my eyes).

I was so excited about the Smash roster itself that I wasn't thinking about this guy, I mean that Popo, Nana, and Solid Snake are back.
TheGreatMC Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014
Gotta love this guy; 

"Hear me and my rant about how I find Smash Bros distasteful and boring! But don't even try to bring up how YOU feel about me ranting, m'kay?"
DJ-Bleach Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014
What a knob.
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