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Note: Do not harass or witch-hunt anyone, you'll only made things worst. ........some users Twitter are so cruel and have to start petty drama, it now becoming Tumblr Remember back in 2019, a Japanese artist had drawn fan art of Nessa from Pokémon Sword/Shield drawn in an lighter color, a cosplayer by the name of Jasmin Joestar edited the art making it darker and told the artist she "fixed" it and you know that the rest the artist was accuse of "whitewashing", gotten harrass, and force to apologize, there were those who defended that artist and criticized Jasmin for what she had done. This had lead to some users drawing actual "whitewash" art of Nessa to troll other. Now it 2021, I was browsing on Youtube, it was on March 13, the saw a Clownfish TV video about another Japanese artist being harass over art of Nessa I look up on Twitter that the artist was ohr_cn who draw Nessa with water colors, it was in a lighter color, someone claim that it was "whitewash" leading to
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It time for look at what happen back 2004, I did mention about on FA A experience back 2004 -- Kijibwa's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ,but I didn't mention where the forum was from and never provided a link to it since it was from 2004, at that time I was reading webcomics. It started a a Vicki Fox forum, it where I first met @Koleyl, @Gundaman and D-boy Wheeler, I started a thread title "Anime Rivials" where I was comparing Pokémon, Digimon, Yu-gi-oh!, Duel Master, DBZ to YuYu Hakusho. Here was the reply I got Still feel bad reading it, I see that he is giving his opinion on them, but I felted angry, hurt and sad by the way he say it as if he wanted start a flame war with me. Did he really need to be angry over anime that was popular at the time? thread went out topic with members asking him what anime to recommend, so now he going to take over my thread. I felted that users was ignoring me even when I reply to stay one topic. I wanted to start a thread discussing about
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Note: This journal entry is from FA forgot to post it DA. I'll explain the time a user on DA, Deviantart block me for having a opinion, you all heard about Thundercats ROAR that everyone like to rant about, this was when a trailers back 2018, as always people are to ranting about it despite that fact that it didn't aired. Leovictor upload about journal about it on DA, I felt that he was being a bit immature, can't remember what I said, I did disagree with him, when I try to do a another reply it notice that I been block. I was hurt, never had I been block by someone before and it was unfair. I decided to block him on FA for revenge, but it didn't really do any good. This was a another experience for me to watch what I say when replying, still haven't learn from it, block on Twitter, not naming though it was argument. It best for me not to defend anything that people hate since I give a different opinion and likely block me, I'm now avoiding Orca journal on Disney's Star Wars, people
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