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memories of you
like shards
of broken glass
i step on them
:icontwelvedaysofjune:twelvedaysofjune 11 8
i. i'm fine
i'm fine
i'm fine
i repeat
over and over
until it becomes
my mantra
i'm fine
and everyone
believes it
              but you
ii. i'm scared
i tell you
i'm scared
so you say
                   close your eyes

iii. &  you tell me
about a future
with a house
and a pet fox
and you -
a future where
i could be
more than just
where i could be
iv. listen,
i tell you -
i scare everyone
so how can i expect you
                            to stay
i'm just me
and you're just you
and we're j
:icontwelvedaysofjune:twelvedaysofjune 11 14
even if
my scars itch
i will not
pick at them
:icontwelvedaysofjune:twelvedaysofjune 14 4
Mature content
so i said :icontwelvedaysofjune:twelvedaysofjune 9 16
the phoenix
you smile
       and the freckles in your eyes
       dance in the sunlight
       like stars. i think,
       maybe i can make out
       a constellation
       if i stare
       long enough, and if you blink
       do they count
       as shooting stars? if you
       were the sun
       i'd have been blind
       long ago
& i wish
for it to never leave -
you speak
       and the words
       become a song
       stuck in my head
       never to leave,
       and i think
       if my mind
       were a campsite
       maybe next time,
:icontwelvedaysofjune:twelvedaysofjune 16 19
little lion
do not be afraid
of the power
held in your roar
:icontwelvedaysofjune:twelvedaysofjune 8 5
us, as continents
we are stuck
here / somewhere between
not quite enough and possibly terrifying,
too afraid to be alive
to ever be honest. when he speaks
i am reminded of the fact that
i am painfully human and also that
pangea was once whole and i wonder
if maybe my soul could be too, but maybe
too many people have looked inside,
thought my heart a tourist attraction
and never meant to stay longer
than a night, and i think
maybe the continents
stay apart out of a fear
of being whole
just to be shattered
all over again.
:icontwelvedaysofjune:twelvedaysofjune 13 20
a confession
i never realized
a person's every hope
and dream
could fit so perfectly
inside the curve
of another's smile
:icontwelvedaysofjune:twelvedaysofjune 12 11
a disappearing act
the audience stares
with breath held
in throats
at a rabbit, held gracely
in the magician's hands -

i. i name my rabbit
after you and so
i call him
but he is too small
to fit
inside my hands
and so
i lose him
often and isn't this
so damn tragic -
iia. what is it about
things that we don't
(and can't)
that is so
appealing? my neighbor
spoke endlessly
of this stupid lawnmover
she wanted
& now that she has it
all i hear is
how it wasn't worth it -
iib. and why are we like this
with fragile things
like hopes and dreams
and happiness? isn't it
iii. so
iv. to have happiness
at the edges
of your fingertips
and to say
this is no longer
what i wanted -
the rabbit
& the crowd
is aroar -
:icontwelvedaysofjune:twelvedaysofjune 11 10
Moooommmmm let me sleeeeeeep by Sam-Firewolf Moooommmmm let me sleeeeeeep :iconsam-firewolf:Sam-Firewolf 5 2
a life for the living
maybe if i hadn't
lived my life inside my grave,
i'd be less afraid
:icontwelvedaysofjune:twelvedaysofjune 8 9
of featherless birds.
is the art of
spilling my soul,
each word
a drop
of my blood
until i lay
exanguinated -
if i
were a bird
each line
would be
a feather
plucked from two
i lay
to fly,
a skeleton
of my past self,
with bones
hollow, the marrow
long gone
a breeze
lifts me
& i
inhale &
start again
:icontwelvedaysofjune:twelvedaysofjune 45 16
Mature content
mother. :icontwelvedaysofjune:twelvedaysofjune 2 6
a quiet observance.
he calls his male physician
but his female physician
:icontwelvedaysofjune:twelvedaysofjune 10 29
a cocoon of blankets
if i lay here
long enough
do you think maybe
i could emerge
a butterfly
:icontwelvedaysofjune:twelvedaysofjune 15 11
i long for
june; for my arms,
to reach
the sky,
to become
your sky;
to hear
your name
in the breeze.
a blue
will sing
just for me
and i will
and remember
how to
breathe -
:icontwelvedaysofjune:twelvedaysofjune 10 9
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It’s a little delayed, but I wanted to use my monthly journal entry to give a warm welcome back to an artist whose poems I admire, twelvedaysofjune! Not only is she back, but she’s back to posting more of her work! <3

My 25th 200 Maple Mule

With my total legion rank at over 7400, I inch ever closer to the 7.5K milestone. With the Retro event now gone, I can go at my leisure to train another mule (like perhaps my DA). This will also give me more time to catch up on my YouTube subscriptions. For that reason, this will be a shorter update than usual, but hopefully, I can post more details in the next one.

Let him kiss me with the kiss
Of love he's promised me
That first time he saw me
Let me save him with the words
Of love I promised him
When nothing heals his wound
Time flows and flows
Like a river flow from mountain to the sea
Till the world beyond
Time who's the key
If I wished you're here still
From the moment till eternity

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