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Don't go - ChronoCross

By neofox
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A picture I had left for a while in my sketchbook, done back when I was into my mini Chrono slash phase.
I had started inking it when I was learning how to ink- and finished it later when I was visiting Nurrr in Cali months later when I'd found myself a suitable inking style.

Lynx x Serge is such a... scandalous and hopeless pairing. Considering who they are, what they become and how it all ends-- it's really sad. I could definatly see Serge feeling the desperation and -- turmoil of both hating and needing Lynx.
But I guess ya gotta play and beat the game to know what I'm talking about ;;

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AmalgamImage0Hobbyist Artist
You know Lynx is Serge's father right?
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neofoxProfessional Digital Artist
Only in body.
Anyway, this picture is 8 years old XD It doesn't really matter.
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AmalgamImage0Hobbyist Artist
Yeah good point
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lol and if you actually pay attention to the end of the game, you find out that lynx is actually serge's father TT_TT *sad face*
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physcopediaHobbyist Digital Artist
a very well drawn fanart. Sergey looks so cute hugging his "daddy"! X3
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Am I the only one who didn't look at this from a perverted perspective? Maybe I'm more desensitized then most, but when I first glanced at "Don't Go" I didn't notice a "slashy"-vibe from it. Sure, hugs are intimate

I know Lynx is tall, but did he always tower over Serge by that much? I figured Serge resembled a younger version of himself, which led me to believe it was a simple “Son trying to bond with his Father” piece.

I'm not fond of incest, or any kind of yaoi for that matter, but I'm not going to ignore the fact that this is a magnificent work of art.

Good job, Neofox. You rule.
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neofoxProfessional Digital Artist
Aw-thankya. I'm sure there's all sorts of emotion that this piece conveys, including the bond between father and son... and betrayal, really, if you've played the game.
Even though this is a fairly old piece, I still like the details and emotion in it :> thankyou
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MeawsyStudent Digital Artist
Ya o iii *__*
Awesome, I love this pairing!
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This is so bold I have to love it. It's one of the gutsiest moves I've seen in any fan art for a game.
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Danocofthenorth Traditional Artist
hah. basicly coler this one or die. xD
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I love ChronoCross... though, havent played it in like 3-4 years. XP XD
But even though...
I havent beat the game which sucks... need to buy it.
But hey, Great pic. love it!
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CrazyAssCCStudent General Artist
God I love this game its so awsome =D
this is a interesting pairing though i never would have thought of it :nod:
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Oh God. Immediately when I saw the picture my face started to scrunch up. Poor Serge... Poor Lynx...

Seriously though, Squaresoft knows how to make a player feel so helpless.
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It may be inscest but c'mon...
It's cute.

You know what I've always wanted to see?
Skelly and Mojo.
Wouldnt that make such a perfect couple?
A clown skeleton and a giant voodoo doll....
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Danocofthenorth Traditional Artist
YES!, go crono cross!, i love you for making this!
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theanimejumpHobbyist Digital Artist
pro- is you
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The-Unicorn-LordHobbyist Digital Artist
this... is incest... you know that right?
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Awesome another CC fan!
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absolutely beautiful. this is one of the actually good lynx/serge pictures i've seen. great job. =D
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Aurora-ShadowsStudent General Artist
This is the first time I seen CronoCross art. Wow! It's awsome! I love that game but didn't get to play it much. o0

XD; anyhow. I love how you did Lynx and Surge they look cool!!
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Aww Serge luvs his daddy...Maybe in the wrong way:lol:
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Wow! Yes! Chrono Cross fan art. We need more of that.
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You drew Lynx SOOO well! *__*
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