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July 12, 2008
Salvador Dali autosodomized by ~neofotistou is a playful if sarcastic look at the Master of Surrealism. Symbolic and thought provoking.
Featured by cosmosue
Suggested by minimooseme
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Salvador Dali autosodomized

Full title:
Salvador Dali autosodomized by his own Inspiration

one of my earlier paintings.
photoshop + wacom

thanks for viewing,
christina antoinette

EDIT 13th July 2008

overwhelmed by the response. thanks to both :iconminimooseme: and :iconcosmosue: for this DD.
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does anybody know the name of this portrait ?? I don't think dali drew this. Please share the original name

AlphaJakey's avatar
I absolutely love this painting!
AdetuddyMax's avatar
I feel hand pain....
TheJewishMarxist's avatar
excellent work of surrealism.
JimEherstein's avatar
Absolutely brilliant. 
Myronavitch's avatar
I viewed this marvelous piece of work featured in a surrealist group and yearned for more so viewed your fine gallery.
it's a fine tribute to the master, and I'm sure he would approve.
N3-17's avatar
Oh god! I love it. It looks so cool.
Nytmaar's avatar
It ist like a wonderful dream that turns into a nightmare when recognizing the creep in here :D Great!
Mistical52's avatar
Well, uh at least you still have another two hands ...

Epic work, a little confronting with the hand but still really awesome with all the little components that mix together. :)
R-Complex25's avatar
>> WOW. Amazing!
BCordeiro's avatar
Shocked, this is just AMAZING
DavidDeBord's avatar
Awesome image! Looks very DALINIAN!
RogerDaCodger's avatar
That Dali, he'll do anything for a laugh.
NormanJames101's avatar
Salvador Dali never gets old. Great work!
ErYera's avatar
Nice! My uncle was the last descendant of the Dalí family 
carnival's avatar
gorgeous piece ^_________^
red498cp's avatar
Andracus's avatar
AAAH d-d-------
he's so BEAUTIFUL in this one!
forgive the yelling.
just looked at it again.
No, I can't...comprehend this awesomeness .-.
Psychish's avatar
Wow. Just, just, wow.
DraskyVanderhoff's avatar
Love the pose and expression, also it reminds of a japanese movie in which a housewife is chopping her entire hand with a kitchen knife while preparing dinner... full of madness
XSheri-MoonX's avatar
nealy like himself ... wow...
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