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August 29, 2011
Mistress, they are invading by ~neofotistou looks like an old fashioned side scrolling game. The contrast is great and all the little details are very apparent.
Featured by Lyricanna
Suggested by Astralseed
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Mistress, they are invading

My first real pixelart!
with a strict 12 color palette and everything!

For the contest at pixeljoint (vote for it if you have an account -and if you like it, of course):

It's a hybrid of lemmings, dungeon keeper and tower defense. You play a dungeon mistress, and get to slay the goodly heroes who presume to steal your treasures.

If I get enough response out of this, I might actually make a kickstart account and start developing it for flash and mobile devices.

Tell me what you think :)

( x2 so you can actually see what's going on )

EDIT: OMG, a DD? On my birthday???

Thank you :iconastralseed: ! Thank you :iconlyricanna: ! And thanks everyone for the support!

This is getting made by the way. I know it's a popular genre, but I just can't let it go. Me and my programmer have a few tricks up our sleeves too, to make it unique.

Thanks again, everyone ^-^

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GreedMore's avatar
This looks interesting, I think you should make it REAL! :)
Bimbisho's avatar
Necronoise's avatar
I want this game.
Xeerinare's avatar
Cool! this looks really fun! :) Did you actually make a game like this? Because i'd really like to play it sometime! :D
camarock's avatar
Whatv the Hell's that ??
tetramegaman's avatar
Knight #1: Ahh~ This is quite the hot tub!

Wizard: ....
Knight #2: You're in a LAVA PIT.

Knight #1: ...oh...well I better do my part then. AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

Wizard: *facepalm*
Rex00Revelious00Red's avatar
its cool but i count more than 12 colors wen i looked closely
Dscapades's avatar
i love the skeleton at the bottom! nice work ^^
LocustaVampa's avatar
I want to play this game! >:3
Shadow-Turnip's avatar
That is some talented spriting. I would love to play this :D
superlote's avatar
Happy birthday, grats. c:
dasAoD's avatar
A fun game concept, and the characters look adorable. Hard to believe that it was done with a mere twelve colour palette, too -- you've got some serious pixel art skills. Great work all around!
gossamerraven's avatar
Congratulations on the DD! and I would looove to play this game :D Sounds fantastic
NorilXFeder's avatar
Πολύ ωραίο. 'Οταν το είδα, δεν πίστευα ότι Έλληνας/Ελληνίδα θα δημιουργούσαν ανάλογα έργα.
Μπράβο :) !!!
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gargoyleman13's avatar
Ooh! Awesome!
Congrats on the DD! :D
Manga-sarah's avatar
Woah that's amazing !!! *0*
eXticey's avatar

Just this.
darkslyer7raven's avatar
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ConnieCookiee's avatar
This is so cool! You did an awesome job with the colours O: :love: :love:

Congratulations on the DD, and Happy Birthday! :happybounce:
AshenCreative's avatar
The little knights look like Cecil as a dark knight.

I would play the shit out of this.
Kknewkles's avatar
I want to play this game!!! NO MATTER WHAT
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