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March 7, 2007
Look at me - the Rape by ~neofotistou. The clever idea along with the sensational execution creates an image sad and almost violent in content but even peacefull in its form. A truly classical masterpiece.
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Suggested by Aegis-Illustration
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Look at me - the Rape

a painting for a friend who is a rape survivor.
and for all rape victims out there.

I didn't have the courage to finish it for a year.


Thanks to *Aegis-Strife and $chix0r who awarded this piece the DD. And to all of you wonderful people. We are the seed of change.

christina antoinette

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Disturbing. And very haunting... But also very good.
simmyfoxy's avatar
lindenART's avatar
A sensitive topic, very well interpreted !!!
Andaelentari's avatar
one of the better representations I've seen lately.
Ni-idea's avatar
That looks painful, but I guess that's the point, very appropriate indeed. Good job.
neofotistou's avatar
ty so much <3
yeah, I can't look at it easily either
Ni-idea's avatar
You're welcome.
Acid-Rabbit-Art's avatar
you are one of the best!!!
neofotistou's avatar
wow.. I don't know about that, but it's so awesome to hear you like my work :)
TheOMFish's avatar
I am absolutely BLOWN away by your work.... you deserve to be in a museum, you are one of the most BREATHTAKING artists i have ever seen. in message and technique 

neofotistou's avatar
aww thank you for your kind words TheOMFish! This is humbling, I don't think museums would like me (or I them :) )
TheOMFish's avatar
haha that is always the case. The greatest artists never get enough recognition. Nevertheless, you're work is indescribably eye-catching and thought-provoking... keep up the good work!!
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Powerful piece.
neofotistou's avatar
Babou-Shka's avatar
You're welcome :)
storm12's avatar
This is beautiful, haunting and thought provoking- I love it
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Really nice painting!!!
Kalyptsio's avatar
This is amazing.As a rape survivor I thank you for painting this.It's powerful, emotionally moving, and profound in it's message.thank you again...
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Such a powerful piece....
qbeno's avatar
you are very profound.... beautiful peace.
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I know of a girl that was raped by a 12 year old boy when she was 7, almost every day for a year whilst her mother denied it and then blamed her for it, calling her own daughter a slut.
Am I mad at the boy? Of course not. He was a troubled individual that had no concept of kindness or compassion as he had never experienced it himself. Instead of being sent to juvenile prison he should have gotten proper counselling :(
People do bad things because they think they are not worthy to be "good" people, or they truly believe a "good" person doesn't exist. My heart goes out to both types of victims, the abuser and the abused.
How I see this image?...
This picture is a woman, a beautiful adolescent rising from the depths she was once dragged down to, her virgin blood preserved in a glass vial. She is still pure, still loving, still beautiful. Overcoming the rape and soaring towards her dreams has made her stronger than ever before, the red ribbon losing it's grip around her as she soars. :)
Before anyone attacks me about standing up for the rapist, I WAS that 7 year old girl.
I forgive him and only wish the best for him and that he overcomes his inner demons. :heart:
Thank you for finally being able to complete something so beautiful and dignified. :hug:
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