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April 13, 2011
Honey Honey Honey by *neofotistou is a ridiculously cute and addictive game!
Featured by Moonbeam13
Suggested by Hegichern
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Honey Honey Honey Panda

I went for cuteness in this simple and (hopefully fun) kid's flash game for

it's fully playable, so give it a spin. I also designed the sound effects and recorded my voice for the little pandas.

Illustrator+Flash+Adobe Audition for the sound.

It was coded by my really talented friend and associate, zlap ( [link] ) aka Nathan. Thanks dude!

ETA thank you so much nc-hegemoni [link] and moonbeam13 [link] for this DD and thanks everyone for taking the time to play it and write :)

Give it some love!!
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This is a fun, addictive little time killer. While it probably wouldn't fit on a place like Newgrounds (not saying you shouldn't try), it's still fun little thing to do to pass some time, say at work.

The art is cute with no noticable errors or problems, The colors are great and fit the tone.

The sound effects are amusing and also fit.

Gameplay wise, I couldn't notice anything that misstepped or went wrong. The mechanics are solid, even for a simple game.

Over all, this is a fun little game to play when you're bored and wanna do something fun and simple to pass the time. No skill is required, and there's no frustration. Simple, yet effective.

Great work!
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hey it's so kind of you to critique this. Thanks a lot for taking the time. You're very forgiving in your review as well ^-^
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You're very welcome! I'd like to think you'd do the same for me... hint, hint.

I kid. I'm glad the critique meant alot for you. I'm here anytime you need one.
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of course ^-^ anytime, just drop me a note if you need an honest critique, I'll do my best.
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There's actually about three pieces right now that I'm looking for critiques. I know I'm not Dali, so they're not gonna be the best. I'd just like an honest look at my work and an objective voice.
Thank you!
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 this was fun and cute
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What do you do with the coins?
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you buy stuff in-game. This is a minigame for
It's an MMORPG for kids, and it's free to play. If you know greek, or are willing to use google translate, by all means give it a go.
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glad you like it. Unfortunately it doesn't belong to me, it's made for
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You can't, I'm sorry
"Do you want to try again?" if I lose and if I clock NO it doesn't do anything :/
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what would you like it to do?
you can imagine it gives you candy if you want
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This is cute! I'll have to play this more often. :3
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haha thank you ^-^
as often as you like
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last time a checked pandas didnt eat honey I: L
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I've replied to this about 10 times. They do, check the comments. Thanks for viewing
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awwww super cute!!!! :clap:
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Καλά μιλάμε το έχω λιώσει!!!! Τα σπάει!!
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