Naomi: An unplanned project
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Naomi is basically a prequel to Project R. It's based on a summary I did a few years ago about Dr. Akari's youth and the events that would end up being the base of Project R.

I had no plans to make a comic like this, but I needed to keep my mind busy or I would end up going crazy. Also, it has been a good way to test if I can really maintain a project like this, with a less stressful technique and a constant release every two weeks.

The result is rudimentary but it serves the purpose. I regret not being able to do the comic digitally but that would take too long and would be unsustainable for me. I'm no longer as skilled as before.

I'm not sure how far I will go with this comic. It's not my plan that it's too extensive. It was just a test. Although seeing the acceptance that the comic is having, it encourages me to continue with the project.

Thanks to all for the views, the favs and the comments left in this comic.

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