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Big and Loud

Felina Bastet was a young accounting student who led a very routine and boring life. She worked keeping accounts of an elegant establishment in the city of Casinopolis. Although she was attracted to the bohemian life of that city, her salary was only enough to pay for her studies and cover the basics. In addition, her shyness and insecurity prevented her from making big changes in her life.

One day, Felina discovered that it was possible to predict the results of betting games, using complex mathematical calculations. Without thinking twice, Felina decided to use her talent with numbers to take advantage of the different casinos in the city.

For a while, Felina managed to keep her operations secret, but one day, she was discovered by someone who was also interested in taking advantage of the situation. A young and attractive bat named Rouge.

Rouge was working as a security agent in that casino, but her real plan was to seize the jackpot: a beautiful blue gem that emitted a mysterious glow.

Rouge blackmailed Felina, threatening to betray her if she did not help her win the grand prize. Felina had no choice but to accept and using her brain to the fullest, she managed to get the big prize for the bat girl.

With the gem in her possession, Rouge handed Felina the security discs where all the movements of the timid kitten were recorded. Quickly, Felina destroyed the discs and vowed never to earn money that way again, because it was very dangerous.

Seeing the poor girl retire with much anguish, Rouge felt guilty for having used her and decided to do something to compensate for the bad time.

Rouge looked for Felina and offered to help her improve her lifestyle, as a thank you for helping her get the gem. Felina hesitated for a moment, but finally accepted the help.

And so, Felina and Rouge became partners and together they seized the nights of Casinopolis. Felina was in charge of winning the prizes, while Rouge was responsible for covering her up and protecting her from any bully who tried to hurt her.

While working together, Rouge taught Felina to be more assertive and confident of herself. Over time, they managed to raise a small fortune, so Felina proposed to Rouge to open a business of her own. This is how the "Casino Meow" is created, a place where according to Felina, fun was more important than money.

At this point, Felina had stopped being a shy nerdy girl, to become an extroverted business woman. Rouge, on the other hand, preferred to leave the management of the casino in the hands of her partner, since business life was not for her.

Things seemed to go wonderfully for the two partners, but nothing lasts forever. One night, a group of agents arrived in Casinopolis looking for Rouge. These were commanded by agent Galatea, the best criminal hunter in the world.

Rouge was wanted for all the jewelry thefts she had committed in the past and for her repeated prison escapes. Felina could not believe that her partner was the most wanted thief on the planet, but despite Galatea's accusations, she was willing to defend her partner... and friend.

On the other hand, Rouge did not want her friend to end up in prison because of her, so she decided that it was best to go and take the agents with her. Anyway, Felina could stand on her own. In addition, she had to continue with the business or many people would lose their jobs. After saying goodbye to her "sister of misdeeds", Rouge fled Casinopolis, taking Galatea and her agents with her.

Time passed and Felina expanded her business, even building a large theme park called "Mewfertiti's Park". Felina had finally found a reason for her life. To entertain people was what filled her with joy.

Everyone greet the queen of fun! Long live Queen Mewfertiti!
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