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Steven Universe: Something Something Pork Rinds

I'm on tumblr or whatever I guess.

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This is a parody and I make no money off it.

Updates every weekend.

This joke had kind of been on the back burner for a while and because I'm a lazy bum who can't think of any new ideas to make jokes about an already comically inclined children's cartoon you go.

Please comment and enjoy.
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LoL! Pearl is so my fave.

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If Every Cartoon Network Show were perfect, we wouldn’t have Steven Universe.
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if every porkchop was perfect, there'd be no hotdogs!

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Umm... jelly goes with toast Pearl, not pancakes.
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Pearl, come on ! You didn't need to be THAT jealous, did you ?
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She'll eat all the panned cakes. Anything for Rose.
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Pearl, you think too much.
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Pearl should stop and LISTEN
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Hi guys!!
I'm doing an art commission^-^
Hope you'll have time to check it out and if your interested note me~

• $6 two character art commission ( full body )
YCH !! [ 6$ only ] 0 / 4 slots open by MoinAleo19…

• $3 headshot art commission
YCH !  [ $3 only ]  0 / 4 slots open^-^ by MoinAleo19…
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salty beeyatch
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Hahaha I love it x'D
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Thats hilarious X3
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OMG I love this meow
SpookyScarySkeletonX's avatar
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This is definitely why.
Hahaha from now on, This is canon!! XD
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