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Steven Universe: Peridot Joined Your Party

Guess who's got two thumbs and a tumblr account.

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This is a non-profit parody.

Updates every weekend.

I don't know what the fusion is. I'm calling it Pearlidot for now.

Please comment and enjoy.
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We are the crystal!...clods...?

The last one is gold 😂

AmusedDoodler's avatar

I'm so going too draw that fusion!

FandomTaw's avatar

what a coincidence huh...

temmies123's avatar
that fusion actually looks pretty lit
Scolipede-Central's avatar
"Must serve big haired women" Lol
PinkMaster35's avatar
Well, both garnet AND rose are like that
goddamnitworld's avatar
She actually is a crystal gem but just doesnt live with the others
wait a minute pearl and peridot have their gem both ad the same place and i only see pearls gem, where is peridots gem
RabidLeroy's avatar
And thus explains her anguished groans after breaking up with Yellow Diamond.
NROrio's avatar
I automatically sang it out XDDD
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Let pearl and the green dorito haired girl mash together
The fusion is called Jade. :) 
I'm a huge fan of your comics.
Um.... ok.... That's nice.... You don't need to get so mad about it.... 

Sorry.... I just thought....
Thx Jade is actually a gem. I really like SU so I normally try and find gem names.
NuktasticArxher's avatar
Yep also I already predicted that when Steven and Pearl fuse their weapon is going to be an umbrella because it's like a mix of a spear and shield
Yeah.... That's a great idea! It makes lots of sense! And the umberella could spin like.... the penguin's umbrella or something. (penguin from batman)
Hehe.... I guess we were right! :) (Smile)  Image by CloverWings4  
I would love to see a continuation of this comic someday. Just to see how things play out.
MrsRatrinaStrange's avatar
"large, big-haired woman." close enough i spose. 

been binge-reading these in lieu of being productive with my own stuff. love em! 
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