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Steven Universe: Open Mind

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Fandumb (Original Webcomic): Fandumb #41: Fandom Come Again by Neodusk

I liked this episode.

Please comment and enjoy.
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If there is one thing I learned about liking stuff, it's never get too involved with the fandom. Stay in the shallow end, where you meet others and talk shop. Stay out of the deep end, where fan theories become gospel and you will be labeled as a blasphemer for thinking differently.

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Sorry Steven 😭😭😭
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Poor Steven...

*Hugs Steven*

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I know what u feel,

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You do a wonderful job of telling a story in a few panels. The best of them all was only three panels : "No, Steven ... you ARE your mother!" Heck, you could have gotten away with only the first two panels, but the third adds a nice ba-dump! at the end.

I think I have seen your comics A LOT on youtube

A star for that

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Who knew birds could cause so much trouble lmao

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You've obviously never owned birds lol

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There is literally a movie that proves that they can cause some trouble
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wait for until they find out he saved the universe!

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Poor kid... He got a taste of the horrors of the internet.

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its official. i'm suing the internet

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If this isn't the most accurate image in the world
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Then we don't know what is.
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Welcome to the internet, Steven...
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"We'll always find a way"

Not so much right now, isn't it ?
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Welcome to the Internet... And fandoms...
Don't worry you'll get used to it
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Welcome to the fandom.
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