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Steven Universe: Onion Note


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This is a non-profit parody.

Updates weekends.

I made a Death Note reference! The Death Note tv show is still running, right? This comic is still completely culturally relevant to contemporary audiences, right? RIGHT?

Please comment and enjoy.
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And, that's how L caught Light.

Ndavid248gaming's avatar
Why would onion want a book to kill people
HEROMASTER85's avatar

He stole the chips not the book

ManwithADecentPlan's avatar
Dude these comics are solid gold!
theTomontheinternet's avatar
Having reread this comic after finally watching the anime, I have this to say:

agiar's avatar

Is "Death Note" not an anime?

ekf501's avatar
Lol unexpected 
HydraHYD's avatar
remember when a lot of people thought onion was YD?
Catsrawesome80's avatar
I'm proud of myself since I got the reference.
lol so funny!
MysticFireTopaz's avatar
Onion is the worst thing
AhsumSauce's avatar
Oh my God. I saw that before I knew what DN was, and I was so confused.
FuzzyNachoChiz's avatar
hehehehhehehehheheeeeee Trash Dove Invasion Trash Dove Invasion Trash Dove Invasion 
can we have an emoticon of that steven face please?
Samson34's avatar
Their must be something that effected him!!!!
Nightfalls3030's avatar
This is beautiful.
TXCleverGirls's avatar
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