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Steven Universe: Gemsonae


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Updates every weekend. (This is a work of parody and I'm making absolutely no money off of it)

Sorry, no Lars and Sadie fusion gem this time.

Please comment and enjoy.
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This was so fun!
The-Artist-64's avatar

I like to think this is canon

CameoFiasco's avatar

My gem is a red version of Sunstone minus the tiny arms and has more of a fire martial artist vibe to

Mili-la-coneja's avatar

my gemsona is a defective white quartz, her gem is in her belly, cuz i think is funny,heh. and she can summon a mace

Mili-la-coneja's avatar

is dat a pink steven reference

Isaangie's avatar

In fact, this comic was made in 2015... so it means that practically predicted his future! xD

Mili-la-coneja's avatar
YeeterYan's avatar

I'd be a Larimar! My gem would be in my chest since I'm a very emotional person and I mostly act before I think. (Yes, I drew this.)

Aqua Blue Larimar
The-Rebel-Angel's avatar
My gem is Moonstone, because, my fursona is a rabbit, and my gem is between my pecs, and I can summon a pair of Rabbit Ear Swords.
StarlightDawnGlimmer's avatar

Ugh, the pretend game we all loved as a kid “being able to summon dogcopter“

StarlightDawnGlimmer's avatar

Dewey‘s response is pretty much what I’d expect from a politician, indirect and unhelpful but extremely wholesome, and patriotic

MaximArrtist's avatar
Garnet: "Shhh. Don't make this bundle of greatness get his dreams crushed more than what Homeworld gems did to our old colleagues in the war............"
ShadowStorm2005's avatar

I'd be Blue Beryl, whose gem is on her mouth, so she summons hands as her weapons to sign words, do multiple things at once, or fight if need be. She's the diamonds' ambassador to the off-colors since she is sort of an off-color herself.

Here, I have a picture-

A gem: Blue Beryl
RudolfReindeer's avatar

I'll be Amazonite and my gemsona design is going to be inspired by the greek mythology amazons, My gem will be placed on my chest and I will pull out the bow and arrow out of my gem UwU

Lydiathecrystalgem's avatar
Now,we all know why Garnet likes Steven as a friend
IMakeRandomDrawings's avatar

I'd be a diamond (chest) And i'd be a green diamond. I'd have a knife for a weapon. Also i could take out my gem and turn to darkness then my gem would turn into a sword. Then i'd be unstoppable.

Wispinabottle's avatar
Mine would be a pink tourmaline and I would use it to summon a Baseball bat. Or a sword.
Wispinabottle's avatar
Nah, definitely a baseball bat
Wispinabottle's avatar
Oh, and it would be on my right palm
Liepardmon555's avatar
I would be a pink pearl but very different from the others like I do roles like any other pearls but i’m More rebellious then others. That’s why I have a megaphone (for my song based powers) or a mallet like Harley Queen. Oh! And my gem location  is on my left palm.
EpicHair's avatar
Forget this, I had an ignorant past. ^
UB-Symbiont's avatar
I guess I'd be a Hematite, a supervisor among the armies (Homeworld or Crystal Gems, I'm down for either) similar to Holly Blue Agate in the Human Zoo. Egg-shaped gem located below the (nonexistent) breasts. Whip as a weapon, for disciplinary measures.
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