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Steven Universe: Do It For Meeseeks

By Neodusk
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This is a non-profit parody.

Updates every weekend (except the last one).

Oh, look. I took a scene from a cartoon and changed the characters and dialogue. I've never done that before.

Please comment and enjoy.
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© 2015 - 2021 Neodusk
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schumacher7's avatar
Jerry can we get back to the task in hand? Us Meeseeks arent supposed to live this long!
It’s getting weird.
NamurSiad's avatar
Wabba dabba dub dub!
Queengreenspear78's avatar
Hours later:
Steven: what's wrong Connie?
Connie: I'd honestly rather train with pearl, who I know by now is chronically depressed.
Somewhere in the temple, pearl is curled up under a photo of her and rose and is sucking her thumb
TheBelowGround's avatar
At last...
BubbleRocket1's avatar
You see, you need a high iQ to understand this comic
JazzyForever's avatar
"Is she keeping her stance wide?!"
"Ohhh, she's trying!!"
"Is she moving her body lower??"
"Which is it? Wide stance or low stance?"
Superalex420's avatar
This is something I like!
Lotus-Scar's avatar
Meeeeseeks? Wats meeeseekks?
a being for whom existence is constant suffering and has to perform one deed required of the one that summoned/created it before it can explode back into non-existence.
Vrekandis's avatar
Best to keep it simple.  They get a little daft when they can't fulfill a request. 
tomandfriends's avatar
This is hilarious although I don't watch rick and Morty this is still hilarious
katomatic22's avatar
were gonna need more meeseeks..
FrancisJeremyXavyer's avatar
This does not bode well.
Lpspawesome's avatar
Lmao! This is so perfect!
JimmyTheNerd's avatar
After watching the episode, I now know what the joke is
Krazymanstudios's avatar
Mr Meseseeks: I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!! I JUST WANNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!
TiredVWORP's avatar

Pearl probably can manage to kill a Mr Misseeks, even though that's impossible. Not even talking about Lapis Lazuli.

Krazymanstudios's avatar
A Meeseeks can't die until it's job is done. It goes insane if it doesn't get done.
TiredVWORP's avatar

Are you trying to argue, that Lapis Lazuli who breaks the rules of awesomeness on the daily basis can't break one rule of the Meeseeks ?

And Pearl have more trouble breaking the legal laws then Phisics laws when she thinks the Universe doesn't look.

I'm talking about the conservation of momentum like when she kicked HUGE boulder away while being in the air barely changing her velocity.

And this one time a holo Pearl cut a thee down in one swift motion, using a BALLOON sword. Without poping it.

That's a fan bunch.

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