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Steven Universe: Connieven

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Yes, I'm sure people have already made similar jokes, but here's my take on it.

Please comment and enjoy.
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Thunderstudent's avatar

We need a su/dbz crossover

Zardoc10's avatar

That is hilarious!!!

Luluseesee's avatar

I choked on my spaghetti while reading this one!

bearbro123's avatar
TorturedArtist745's avatar

Someone has been watching too much Dragonball Z.

ggsonic87's avatar
The fingers sliped
Darkvader2016's avatar
Try again in 30 minutes!!
Robocop97's avatar
Why is this so funny?! 😂😂😂
KateCW's avatar
I can't brEATHE 😂 
IHateBeans2002's avatar
Connieven: "Oh God I Messed Up!"
Me: "Uh Oh, you two made a Murp!" XD
EstevezTheArt's avatar
what the...

(dude I was laughing my ass off)
Vanda67Lonex's avatar
ох страшно)
courage-and-feith's avatar
Just don't let Garnet see this. Garnet Emote 9 
JaymeraldStudios's avatar
Garnet: *walks in, sees what is going on, faints*
courage-and-feith's avatar
She didn't manage to keep it together...
JaymeraldStudios's avatar
I saw what you did there. XD
SuperCuteRaven's avatar
OH DEAR GOD!!!!!!!! *dies*
Zackman92's avatar
They fused into Cleveland Brown
UB-Symbiont's avatar
We are totally off the path to salvation.
thebestaround01's avatar
I kind of want them Stevonnie to pop out with Goku style hair.
Animeboyianpower's avatar
Pearl: And this is exactly why that dance isn't used between Gems...
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