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LoK: Toph Alone

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I want this to be cannon. In fact it is now and nothing will change my mind
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I'm with Korra about the 2nd Panel why is Toph the only one with a last name?
I know in LoK we heard other last  names like "Sato" I think Korra met the guy who ran the pro bending sport and we heard his last name and we heard the last name of guy who tuns cabbage corp.
That's why tvtropes has a page titled "Go Mad From Isolation" or something like that.
CZsfPurplik's avatar
How does Toph even know how Zuko's scar looked like? xDD
NicksterDagames's avatar
Dammit it Korra, let her have this one thing.
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andsg's avatar
You are not putting enough effort Kora. 
Oh look, senility.
I'd probably make it difficult if I was Korra, too.
Magick205's avatar
"MY HONOR!" = Gotta get that in there!
Maruraba's avatar
To be fair, she really DOES love her father and hate her uncle. The prick.
N-Zhervey's avatar
Now Toph can go on that life changing field trip she never got!...oh wait...also I love that last panel! :D
She already did. And the result? Lin.
......somehow that makes a lot of sens
PyramidHead90's avatar
You think she should bring up that Zuko is still alive?
Garchompisbeast's avatar
Zuko: *hundreds of miles away getting a sudden shudder down his spine*......i should hide, i don't know why but i really should hide
Still easier to get along with than Canon Toph. :P
Andrew13112001's avatar
It's funny because Korra actually loves her father and hates her uncle.
Uroboros18's avatar
You know what, by the fourth panel i was thinking this was going to be a sex joke.
woy-bunny-hop's avatar
She's trying to make her like Zukko!That old sly fox!
DazedDaisiesO-o's avatar
Lol i kinda saw it coming :XD:
pizzawizz's avatar
LOL ZUKORRA!!!!!!!!(lol that just sounds like a nasty ship)
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