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LoK: Outdated Ideas

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Words of wisdom

That idea may be just crazy enough... TO GET US ALL KILLED!!!

Thanks A LOT! I was drinking some nice Tea, and then I clicked on this and laughed so hard that I spilled it all over my desk ...* sniff* I know you shouldn't cry over spilled tea *sniff* but It's just so sad! :(

For real, this had me in stitches. :)

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OPAL: Wait a minute you got a "less violent" idea from Kyoshi?
KORRA: Uh, yeah?
OPAL: Didn't she KILL Chin the Conqueror?
KORRA: Uh, accidentally.  I mean not like she purposely ever killed anyone right?
OPAL: ....
KORRA: Right?
OPAL: .... *hands her a copy of Avatar: Rise of Kyoshi as Korra starts reading*.
KORRA: Holy Raava the past was violent.  Since when could we split people open with earth bending or literally feed them to spirits who would be shown eating them, only for them to come back as ghostly pranksters who'd stick rocks through our chests?  
OPAL: Yeah it's pretty messed up.  Like Kyoshi drops this pirate leader from hundreds of feet up and he splats on the ground and the apparent lesson is sometimes you actually do have to kill your enemies.
KORRA: Yeah good thing we never had to learn that.
OPAL: Didn't you kill your uncle-
KORRA: I will say this is a pretty good read though.  Especially the stuff with Kyoshi and Rangi.  I mean the idea of a female Avatar and some hot chick from the Fire Nation just seems like a great coupling idea right?
OPAL: Uh, maybe?
KORRA: Yeah I'm going to try that whole "don't kiss me where I'm hurt stupid" thing on Asami next I see her... for uh research purposes.  Yeah............ 

Opal: Korra I think your getting off track

Korra: Gotta say Kuruk looks pretty bad here, why he act so nonchalant to the point-"

Opal (Annoyed): hands her Shadow of Kyoshi.

Korra (reading): HOLY SHIT! Kuruk got the short end of the stick!

Opal: Yes he did now-

Korra: Also one of my past lives was a bloody accountant, who knew?

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OPAL: The POINT I was getting to was that sometimes you do have to go with the more violent solution, lest Kuveria becomes a Jianzhu like figure dealing out dark justice for years in place for the Avatar.

KORRA: That's not a very airbender way of thinking and since you're not part of the White Lotus I mean obvious secret hidden society whose name we don't say but come on we all know it's the White Lotus, what's your excuse for that?

OPAL: Uh that Zaofu is my home and my family heritage is Bei Fong?

KORRA: Oh yeah your family heritage is apparently beating around the Avatar which let me tell you hurts quite a bit. *rubs her head* Yeah still feeling that beating quite a bit from old Toph.

OPAL: Wait you actually did meet my grandma?

KORRA: *Nods* Yeah she's in the spirit swamp knowing everything that's happening through those mystical vines.

OPAL: Then why isn't she helping out?

KORRA: I guess at some point the last generation either becomes your enemy or stops wanting to help out because they're old.

OPAL: Didn't the White Lotus help out and do their part at the end of the 100 year war where they were needed?

KORRA: Well I guess Toph's just lazy then. *a giant rock gets thrown at her*.

TOPH: *Offscreen* I can spirit see you remember worst Avatar?

KORRA: *In pain* Still only second... most evil... earth bending Avatar teacher.

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This is funny, but then I remember that by that time Korra was unable to speak to any previous Avatar.
I mean, she could have talked to Kyoshi BEFORE she lost access to the previous Avatars. It IS a flashback.
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I just want to see the tsunami that followed the creation of Kyoshi Island. It must've killed tens of thousands in the Earth Kingdon, Southern Water Tribe and Fire Nation.
I spit out the water I was drinking as soon as I saw Patrick. XD
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It all comes down to Patrick. My life in a nutshell
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Advice goes in, laughter comes out :rofl:
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This has made my day.
Now I see Kiyoshi hanging out with patrick, DAFUQ?!
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there are few things that make me smile just by thinking about it- a certain video involving an insanely buff ultra duck flying into space from underground and into space then back down into the ground to travel just like 8 feet, the music meister, aku being a good parent for comedy, and now this is on that list as well as a few other things
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I saw this on 9GAG lol
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