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LoK: Love Kicks Butt

By Neodusk
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Steven Universe Comics here.

I've been wanting to do a Love Wins comic with LoK for a while, but I wasn't coming up with any ideas I liked until recently. It's a bit late, but hopefully people appreciate it all the same.

Please comment and enjoy.
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Damn Katara...

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Bolin you idiot!
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RomWattHobbyist Digital Artist
LGBT jokes.
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Omg whats happening
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TownseaHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't ship it and it was really forced in the last episode but this is a great comic
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It took me like a month to realize she was saying bi as in bisexual in the last panel
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5lmfao Bolin's reaction is 100% accurate!! XD
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My heroes have the same sexuality as me. I can die happy nowFool Emoji-47 (Star) [V5] 
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All the clever in this comic. Too good Freddy Laughing Chat Icon 
Especially funny with Korra talking to her parents on the phone.

Also I don't think Bolin would be that oblivious. I mean, come on.
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I think the third guy's a 4Kids executive.
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DragonPhoenixBurstHobbyist Traditional Artist
Finally someone understands those are bisexual.
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So is them being gay in the show or is it hinted at or is this just a very popular ship?
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So it's not entirely confirmed, only hinted due to the fact that having Bi or Gay characters could cause the show yo be banned in other countries. That's been a big issue with a lot of shows so they usually show a gay or bi couple at the last episode
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It's kind of both.  They become a couple at the very last scene of the very last episode of the series.  Up until then, they had romances with guys.  (actually, the same guy. They each took a turn with him)
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"Bi, Mom."
"Oh, no, you're not saying goodbye until we get this straightened out!"

Really givin' the old one-two punch.
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Your comics are easily some of the funniest on this site! Your just so clever! I loved Varrik's panels (Big surprise.).
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Darkslayer0905Hobbyist General Artist
This is wonderful haha
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I wonder how Mako reacted.
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Miss-dreamerkatHobbyist General Artist
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Varrick should invest on a creative department. "The machine"?

This is the first time I saw a Bi/Bye mixup.
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KrabyplanktonStudent Filmographer
I don't belive in gay marrage or like Legend of Kora theat mush but this was funny 
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Yup, that last panel put it on another level XD
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It exists.  How can you not believe in it?  That's like not believing in the atmosphere.  Or dogs.
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KrabyplanktonStudent Filmographer
i meant i don't agree with it but i still tolerate it 
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