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LoK: Korra the Kowardly Avatar

By Neodusk
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I'm old.

Please comment and enjoy.
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It has sense it didn't work.

Korra should be wearing the clothes of the possesed one.

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Love that show, love that episode, and same goes for Korra
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I was looking back at your Korra comics recently and found this one LOL ! Courage the Cowardly Dog was one of my favorite show as a kid as well ! Gotta say though, from the first panel, i was actually expecting Uncle's chant from Jackie Chan Adventure ... you know, Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao (妖魔鬼怪快啲走), which, in the context of Avatar, seems quite fitting. It wouldn't have been as good as a gag though !
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This is literally the best thing I've seen today. I love Courage the Cowardly Dog.
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for a second i was like wtf and where have i seen that outfit but once Tenzin showed up with Amon's mask i knew it was... COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG!!! lol
joker-nick's avatar
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XDDDD I'M DYING!!! This is priceless!!! :rofl: :lmao: 😂
AliceQueenOfMadness's avatar
I can't stop l-laughing
moonman86's avatar
funny can you make more i love these
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Ahhhhh, Courage the Cowardly Avatar.

I mean, Korra, the Cowardly Dog....

I mean.....
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Ah, that oh so wonderful moment when everyone gets it but you 
Midnight510's avatar
Haha ! looks like Courage the Cowardly Dog =P
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The things I do for love.....
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Everything about this strip is comedy gold! No! Platinum!
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*gets razor and turns it on* Korraaaaaaaaaaa
ToxicSnakeSkull's avatar
Korra: *Runs Away*
Tenzin: *Points and laughs*
Pema: *Whacks Tenzin on the head with a Rolling Pin*
Tenzin: "OWW! What did I do?"
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Thank you for giving me something I didn't know I needed.
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Love the Shout-outs on this pic.
Gogogadgethat's avatar
Ouch my lungs.

My poor lungs.
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