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LoK: Korra's Progress



I've resigned myself to just not expecting anything from her anymore. I find it makes the episodes more enjoyable.

Please comment and enjoy. :P
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Thing is it works, she got the judge to spill

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She seems neat :3
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no one ever talks about Korra's threats i mean the girl threaten to kill that judge and the remaining members of Zaheer's squad. she said something like "when i get out of here none of you will survive"

anyway this was funny lol
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YES, very much so.
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I hid my comment 'cause I relizsied evreyone already pointed out that she got her character development by the end of book four, so I'm just going to say this: why did she have to say what she said in panel four instead of the actual show?!
Season 4 Korra is MUCH more mature
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And it only took three years of PTSD.
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Very accurate.
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Korra's story was nicely wrapped-up in the first season...2-4 didn't work so well on their own, and they didn't mesh together well either.
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Yeah, overall, there was a lot of disconnect between the seasons :|
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LoK was great and all, but I don't personally consider it to be at the same level as the original Avatar. If the writers had known they'd be able to do four seasons, and if they had plotted the show with that in mind, I feel like it could have received a more cohesive narrative that could have easily propelled it to or above that level. (If nothing else, they could have explored the motives behind the villains better. The Equalists and the Earth Empire had at least a few salient points, and I feel like the Red Lotus could have as well, if they were focused on more. Personally, I feel like the Equalists would have been the best choice, but I can see arguments for the others.)
KORRA SMASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rofl: :rofl ROFL ROFL-copter Roflwaffles Roflzberries ROFL T SPAZZ LOLipop :lol: 
That last part reminds me of Bee and Puppycat.

"If you didn't have all these animals, I'D MURDER YOU."
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Big deal avatars don't have to obey the law when someone asks why they don obey the law there response should always be BECAUSE IM THE F£%KING AVATAR ASSHOLE THATS WHY
plus no one should really oppose an avatar best case scenario when going against an avatar depowered/ imprisoned worse case dead and if you think you've killed the avatar then Bad News HE/SHE IS STILL ALIVE/ REINCARNATED AND THEY REMEMBER YOUR FACE which in basic terms basically means..............................................................
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Korra is definitely something different. Love the "Korra Smash!" panel ^^
Personally I love how she was planning to open the portal to the spirit world : by punching it, several times. Korra rocks so much XD
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I like how her solution to pretty much everything was punching until the point when the solution WAS punching and then she tried not to use punching.  Oh Korra.  I love you really.
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I remember when the solution was punching, she tried to punch, doesn't work because obstacle is better at punching, and then a Deus ex Machina gives her the ability to clock obstacle and THEN resort to not punching sometimes.
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Couldn't stop LAUGHING!! So TRUE😂😂
You know, somehow I didn't notice this pattern even after watching the season twice.  =o
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Hey, Aang had his hypocritical moments too.  It IS the Avatar way!
...or was that the American way?
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Really?  Can you remember any?  I seem to vaguely recall that he did as well.  I just don't know exactly.
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