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THE LEGEND OF KORRA, BOOK 4: BALANCE, IS COMING TO NICK.COM FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3RD. Please feel free to share this comic in whatever capacity you can, or simply pass on the message. Let's help make sure this series goes out on a high note.



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I can't... have news of the season spread. I'm not a pretty picture.... I DON'T LIKE DOING IT !!
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i just realized that doctor who and avatar are almost the same, the avatar gets reborn when he dies, and the doctor can regenerate when he dies, who agrees with me?
TheWatcherofWorlds's avatar
Its not as direct, Avatars need guidance to get back in touch and be a master again
ThewayofTelink's avatar
NeoChandler's avatar
You made Korra looked adorable.
Wait, who was on cactus juice?
NeoChandler's avatar
Korra got poisoned at the end of Book Three. One of many possible methods to heal it is cactus juice, which Sokka got drunk on in The Legend of Aang.
Xandyballz's avatar
Her face in the seventh panel though. XD
ShonenJump4eva's avatar
She fought the Earth General, is that close enough?
aaqucnaona's avatar
Oh man, I love her muscles! Awww, and now I wish we had seen her in a beach episode, like we did the guys in Avatar.
You little shit.
xD I love you.
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ways to cure massive mercury poisoning 1. more poison 2. magic mushrooms and 3. F@#KN' LAVA

... korra dear I think the mercury effected your brain but I'm more worried about you so called friends who said that was a good idea
Neodusk's avatar
They were all from Bolin and Varrick.
That explains so much...
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SaintGat99's avatar
More mercury is obviously the answer.
Shadefeather682's avatar
Bolin's tears?

I think its on tv soon(ish)
Nice touch with the tan lines, I love small kinds of details
Xenomaster's avatar
Drink Cactus Juice!
gamewizard-2008's avatar
No, Korra needs to fight the Earth Lord now. XOXO
TheRavenPriest's avatar
The cabbages didn't work!?
MercuryPaint's avatar
Thank You! Hearing people say that the poison was "melted platinum" and calling it "the Poison" really bugged the hell outta me. At least some people get that it's Mercury
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