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Fandumb #90: Pokemon No


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I'm sure it'll be fine.

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That lady is me in a Nutshell when it comes to jokes and timing.

Bree-101's avatar
I really like this one
mhairigood's avatar
Hello, Sara Bellum! :la:
NamurSiad's avatar
Riot007's avatar
Well that was kind of oddish
NODOGAN's avatar're promoted!
DeadDancers's avatar
It shouldn't have made me laugh harder for the female anchor being the inappropriate joker but it did!
i7434r7157's avatar
xDDD Just way too true
SerpentsTemptations's avatar
Inappropes, Beth.  Inappropes.
trinson's avatar
That is the same reaction I gave to every story of some idiot hurting themselves playing this game.  I made jokes, laughed and pretty much face palmed at them.  Especially the ones that blamed the game.  :D
roisepoise101's avatar
This is very accurate.
digital-dust's avatar
I'm experiencing several ideas I wish to express on this Beth person.
SammyW28's avatar
Looks like you might've been onto something...
Fairydust07's avatar
Good thing she's such a ray of sunshine or she might be fired. Ah, pokemon puns. X"D
coolclaytony's avatar
... I like Beth. She makes me happy.
Samtastic-V3's avatar
So terrible, yet so funny :)
NeoChandler's avatar
Crossed the Line Twice.
ChristinYou's avatar
Apparently so did the kid XD
NeoChandler's avatar
Omigosh you're right
Samtastic-V3's avatar
That's why I said it's terrible. But at the same time you can't help but laugh at how terrible it is.
nata1414's avatar
YOUR FIRED! Yes you! Box, your stuff, out the front door, parking lot, car goodbye!
I wonder what cave Johnson would’ve thought of Pokémon go?
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